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Click Traffic Manager

This internet software ? pay-per-click banner system with affiliate program. Webmasters earn money on : - Clicks program - Impressions program - Exchange traffic - Refer cash Features include : - Friendly administration - Advanced statistics for webmasters - Anti Fraud System - Template-based design Program can be easily integrated into any site. Also we perform custom programming to meet your specific requirements.

fraud program exchange exchange traffic

Playtonium Jigsaw - Enchanted Forest

"Once upon a time" is the phrase that draws the attention of youngsters and floods adults with warm memories of childhood. The Enchanted Forest Jigsaw Pack comes from this world of make believe. The fine art of Teo and Maria Kiriakov transforms itself into puzzles which jump off the screen; drawing one into the fantastic land of princesses, wizards, and forest nymphs. 50 stunning art images make 200 superior jigsaw puzzles. For young and old! Playtonium Jigsaw - Enchanted Forest is a shareware software filed under puzzles, kids, children utilities.

art images super jigsaw puzzles witches


2D top-view racing game with cartoony tracks, clever drivers and bonuses. You will drive through Inventor Isles, Asteroid tracks and Magma Floods and other wonderful places. For Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, Samsung Omnia HD and other Symbian S60v5 phones. Dreamway is licensed as shareware and placed in games, entertainment arcade section.

homing missile floods computer opponents

Aqua Bubble 2

Hundreds of aquatics across the world cry out for help in fighting with the floods. Protect the innocent creatures and rescue their little houses! Aqua Bubble 2 is licensed as shareware and placed in puzzle, arcade section.

innocent creatures protect the innocent bubbles

Disasters of the Deadly Nature

Disasters of a Deadly Nature covers more than 20 of the most extreme natural and manmade disasters in recorded history with details much deeper than news stories would dare tread. It is filled with information on the deadliest disasters known to man. Disasters of the Deadly Nature is a shareware software filed under ebooks utilities.

government sting operation manmade disasters scapegoat

Nisba BackupAgent 100mb subscription

Could your business survive if you lost all your data today? Nisba BackupAgent helps you to protect your company data from hazards like fires, floods, theft, viruses, power surges/fluctuations, human errors and faulty hard drives. No longer expose yourself to the risk of going out of business. All your important documents are safely stored at our state-of-the-art data centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

backups hard drives state of the art

Proxy Workbench

This internet utility is a unique proxy server ideal for developers, trainers and security experts that displays its data in real-time. Internet shareware Proxy Workbench is listed in proxy servers tools.

time logging workbench e mail


Web-based knowledge worker automation (KWA) and customer relationship management (CRM) software for contact management, account management, scheduling, goal and outcome management, blogs, file sharing and more. Increase productivity. Full data sharing and synchronization support. SleekOffice features sharing capabilities, allowing you to share information and delegate tasks among team members. Share contacts, calendars, notes and files easily. This freeware is archived under business pims, calendars category.

knowledge worker team members share contact management


This tool is the program for deleting any files defined by the user. You can clean or all the 'My computer' at once, or only the one disk or folder. Algorithm of the searching is very rapid, so cleaning won't take much time. Interface of the program is very simple and friendly. Use macDiskCleaner to keep clean and efficient for the work your disks. This shareware is archived under system utilities file, disk management category.

computer disks types of files deleting files

MultiPing Grapher

This utility is a further development of Perfping with the ability to graph up to 10 different ICMP results. This utilities freeware MultiPing Grapher is categorized under network utilities.

further development ip addresses 192


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