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Nisba BackupAgent 100mb subscription

Do you make (regular) backups? Are these backups kept near your computer or off the premises? Well, if you are like the most of us you probably do make some backups from time to time. Problem is that we tend to keep them near the computer and not make enough of them. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. By using Nisba BackupAgent you can be assured that your bookkeeping, sourcecode, appointments, quotations, patient records, invoices, contracts, drawings, correspondence etc. are safely stored and can be retrieved when needed. Nisba BackupAgent helps you to protect your company data from hazards like fires, floods, theft, viruses, power surges/fluctuations, human errors and faulty hard drives. No longer expose yourself to the risk of going out of business. All your important documents are safely stored at our state-of-the-art data centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Qualified engineers keep our servers up and in top condition. Your data is safe and nobody, except for yourself, can read or touch your data. system utilities backup, restore commercial listed in system utilities backup, restore section.

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