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Oxide 2002

Have you ever wanted a secure file encryption utility which integrates seamlessly with the way you work in windows? Nitro Technologies' Oxide 2002 is just such a utility. Encrypt a file once with whatever password you choose and Oxide takes care of all decryptions and re-encryption even if you change the file contents! Whats more, we even take the extra step of securely deleting any data left on disk about this file after you use it, guaranteeing your files will be kept for your eyes only. For simple yet secure one click data protection in an unsecure world, choose Oxide 2002. Your files are protected with tried and tested blowfish algorithm which has undergone over 8 years of intensive cryptanalysis along with the latest government standard in password authentication. You can be sure no-one will now read your email attachments, personal files or business documents without you knowing. To view information about the encryption used in Oxide 2002 feel free to visit Oxide 2002 license is demo and it is listed in security, file encryption, cryptography software.

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SourceTree Analyzer ...

SourceTree Analyzer 2002

SourceTree Analyzer will enable you to quickly and efficiently track changes between different document trees such as source code, websites and electronic publications formats, increasing productivity for disconnected collaborative development, backup management and source code version tracking. SourceTree Analyzer can also be used effectively to monitor the differences between mirrored data, for example examining the changes between backups or keeping production and development/testing servers in sync. Reports can be generated in either HTML, XML or Text formats to be saved or emailed directly from the application. SourceTree Analyzer can now create compressed distributable executables or 'Updaters' which, when run, update the old source tree to the new one. Perfect for multiple developers who always need to be using an up-to-date revision. Updaters are entirely self extracting and need minimal user interaction. They can be emailed directly from SourceTree Analyzer without the need to use another email client. An internal file viewer and many other enhancements including integration with WinDiff for visual comparison of files have been included. SourceTree Analyzer 2002 is a development tools software.

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For the majority of ...

SupportMonkey 2002

For the majority of computer support desks, a large proportion of the time is spent collecting information about the clients system in order to diagnose the problem. It is now possible to dramatically reduce this time by having the exact information required emailed directly to you - without the client doing any work! By simply selecting the options you need, you can create a custom 'Monkey' which can be emailed to the client. Once run, the Monkey will gather the information and return it to you via email in either XML or Text format. Written entirely in 32bit assembly language in order to achieve maximum speed and compactness, a fully featured Monkey executable is no larger than 22kb, compressible to just over 10kb, small enough to be downloaded in only a few seconds on even the slowest dialup connection. A fully featured plugin interface is provided, allowing unlimited expansion should you wish to develop enhancements to the Monkey's fetching ability. All such plugins are attached directly to the Monkey executable - no need for cumbersome multi-file distributions. With the ability to save, re-use and combine Monkey templates, SupportMonkey will further reduce time spent gathering information and enhance your support desk's efficiency and productivity. Predefined data collection groups include information on Windows, processor, memory, display, disks, files, installed applications, running applications, registry settings, INI settings, environment variables, network adapter information, modems and BIOS. For a complete overview see support tools, helpdesk utilities shareware listed in support tools, helpdesk utilities section.

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