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VoiSpeed as PBX. VoiSpeed and hardware PBXs VoiSpeed is a software PBX that can totally substitute an hardware PBX. VoiSpeed uses PCs and hardware within your company in order to supply telephony. VoiSpeed is provided with functionalities and services comparable to the ones featured by the most modern and expensive hardware PBXs. In order to use VoiSpeed as a PBX you only need a local network (even 1 PC) and to install VoiSpeed Server in a PC provided with an ISDN TA. Then just connect the NTs to the ISDN TA (you need an ISDN TA for each NT). VoiSpeed Server software will take care of managing all the incoming calls, outgoing calls and calls between VoiSpeed users, just like any other common hardware PBX. EACH PC in your network will become a telephone extension. Besides there are a lot of hardware accessories that let you customize the VoiSpeed system for any requirement. VoiSpeed can be used also for INCREASING the extensions number of hardware PBXs. By connecting the PC running VoiSpeed Server to one or more ISDN extension (S0 bus) of an hardware PBX, it is possible to have other 8 extensions for each S0 bus and use them as VoiSpeed extensions. The integration with the new extensions is complete. The integration between VoiSpeed Server and an hardware PBX can be very useful also when you need to use analogic telephones or cordless phones. For a smart and cheap solution you can purchase Elmeg PBXs with one S0 bus and 4 analogic extensions: Elmeg PBXs are provided with one S0 bus that let them connect to a VoiSpeed Server and with 4 analogic extensions for using cordless base stations, POTS and other analogic devices. In this way analogic extensions will be able to communicate with VoiSpeed extensions just like they would be part of the same PBX. VoiSpeed Server license is shareware and it is listed in connectivity software.

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