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Use SimpleSlideShow to automatically deliver photos to your friends and family. There are two parts of the software; the Manager and the Viewer. Use the Manager to create and organize your slide shows. Select one of four synchronization methods. Then give a copy of the Viewer, which is also a screen saver, to your loved one with your encrypted configuration info. Now whenever you change your slide show images, click "Sync" and your photos will be delivered to your friends and family members automatically. The SimpleSlideShow invitation system makes it easy to get non-technical friends and family members connected to your slide shows. Once connected, they will receive your new photos with no user-intervention! The SimpleSlideShow Manager runs under the .NET Framework on your Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista computer, and acts like a remote control for determining which photos will be displayed on your friends' or family members' computers. You organize your slide show on your computer, and with a single click, your changes are automatically reflected on all of the remote computers. Each remote computer runs an affordable copy of The SimpleSlideShow Viewer. It automatically grabs the updated images, and prepares them for viewing. From the perspective of your family members, photo delivery is automatic. If Grandma runs SimpleSlideShow as a screensaver, she'll be pleasantly surprised to find the latest family pictures on her screen, with absolutely no effort on her part. home, hobby other demo listed in home, hobby other section.

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ActiveEarth is a wor...


ActiveEarth is a world time clock with a gorgeous day/night merge of NASA's Visible Earth satellite images in flat maps or a globe, with a row of user-definable clocks along the bottom. These clocks are beautiful, scalable, ticking, analog clocks that come in several styles with many custom settings. Each clock is set to a city of your choice. The program has accurate time zone data for more than 500, major world cities and you can add your own. ActiveEarth is an indespensable time utility. A graphical time difference between two cities quickly answers the question, "Is this a good time to call my friend on the other side of the planet?" Along with the real time view of the day and night portions of the earth, ActiveEarth calculates astronomical data for each city; sunrise, sunset, moon rise and set, moon phase, etc. All of these things are beautifully, graphically displayed. You can set the program to display data for a specific time. ActiveEarth can even keep your PC's clock synchronized to an atomic time server. You can track important future events with countdown clocks! ActiveEarth allows you to countdown to future astronomical events and to specify your own custom events. The program can play an alarm sound to help you remember a birthday or anniversary. Finally, ActiveEarth comes with a screen saver that ties into the main program. Your favorite clocks or countdown events can be displayed with your favorite map view while your PC is idle. business other demo listed in business other section.

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