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E-mail Pump is a bul...

Email Pump

E-mail Pump is a bulk email program. You can use Microsoft Access databases or plain text files for input; if you're comfortable with Access, the database option is very powerful, allowing you to use tables or queries with mail-merge, and mix database fields and text input in your messages. A straight forward program interface includes simple text editors for message bodies and signatures. Note that you'll need to acquire a demo license in order to launch the trial version. This internet software is listed under email client.

Keywords: signatures launch text editors program interface demo license database option text input bulk email straight forward program database fields microsoft access databases plain text files queries message bodies mail merge mapi support financial projections

Document Post is a d...

Document Post

Document Post is a document and information publishing system for the web. It reduces the effort required to publish documents and information on your Intranet or Internet web server. Everyone in the organization can publish documents with an 'easy to use' interface. Document Post allows the author to publish content. The software prevents a web master from being the bottleneck when information needs to be published in a timely manner. User login security to maintain user's personal information. Administration login to manage the application. Can require "supervisor" approval before documents become available for display. Authors can only update their own documents/files. Each author has his/her own document directories. Authors can manage their own profile information. Documents can be marked a 'public' or 'private'. Uses an 'easy to use' client application to upload and maintain document/information. Approval supervisors receive email when documents have been added to their category. Document information displayed by customized category templates. Search for document information and locations (available soon). Documents can be set to expire at a specified number of days after uploading. Microsoft SQL Server (v7.x and v2000) for storing the document data and attributes. document publishing shareware listed in document publishing section.

Keywords: attributes administration login information publishing timely manner v2000 document data sql server v7 bottleneck publishing system uploading login security interface document email information documents intranet microsoft sql server internet web server document directories supervisor approval reporting system password file

Thumb Print Pro give...

Thumb Print Pro

Thumb Print Pro gives you the ability to create web pages from your image library. Create JPG images from various file types. The new images can also be small thumbnails. The thumbnail size is user specific and can be changed easily. These images can be created from GIF, BMP, or any other supported format. Thumb Print Pro is a utility to quickly search and view graphics files without the use of a browser or other graphical program. The software can also create HTML files that display GIF and JPG files as thumbnails images in your favorite browser. Create HTML files to link up AVI, MPG, WAV, HTM, TXT, and any other file type on your system. For those of you that want to index any file on your system or web site, Thumb Print is what you need. Create HTML files that will index your favorite sound, movie, text, or any other file. Specify your own gif or jpg icons to represent these non-image files in the HTML output. This is a shareware listed under graphic viewers category.

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Web Site, IP device ...

Web Link Monitor

Web Site, IP device monitoring system with scheduling, reporting, and database management. Schedule links or devices on desired frequency. Generate daily reports. Scan pages for text, missing text, ping sites, check for file availability. Web Link Monitor license is shareware and it is listed in web monitoring software.

Keywords: database management ip device windows popup audible alarm

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