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This software 8 provides a single source for information about software packages, conflict assessment checks, inventory to the file level and the ability to relate that to networked machines. An MSI packager, patch management system, asset management, 8 distribution methodologies, results reporting and notification are included. Automatically populates the console with most popular directory systems. This utilities shareware WinINSTALL is categorized under business, utilities, installers, programming.

active directory directory systems system combination

X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX OCX

X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with multi-page TIFF images viewing capabilities. Also, it helps you to get the embed TIFF tag from the images. It helps programmer to view multi-page TIFF image within their applications. Also, you can use it to visualize TIFF images or multi-page TIFF images. Get TIFF tag information from the image. X360 Multi-page Tiff Viewer ActiveX OCX is licensed as shareware and filed in development active x section.

capabilities programmers compressions

WinFtp Server

Ftp server software for windows To maintain the performance of your site, the program offers directory caching and an Anti-Hammer tool to thwart the jerks.WinFTP Server offers everything you need, and it's amazingly easy to use.

speed limits transfer statistics interface


Training of foreign languages on examples. The program user - on his/her own selects any text in a foreign language (at least one sentence) - reads the text into a microphone - then listens to what he/she has read - types (prints on a keyboard) what he/she hears The program is high-effective since it engages all types of human sensors namely. This education freeware read_write is categorized under education languages.

prints two sounds middle ear

Web Wheels

This internet utility is an internet browser for kids that allows parents to choose the web sites children can vist. It supports separate web site listS for multiple children. Parents control the kids (users) defined in Web Wheels. web Wheels provides a parent controlled safe internet browser for children. Kids can now use a web browser to safely browse educational sites that their parents control. Safe internet browsing for kids and parents.

freedom kids and parents dad


This internet utility is the latest in email monitoring technology. SpamAgent is a powerful email monitoring and filtering tool that allows you to get the email you want - and nothing more. SpamAgent has a comprehensive set of filters that block spam and unwanted emails - before they reach your inbox! SpamAgent silently runs in the background and monitors your incoming messages, while you are free to do other, more important things, than worry about s

monitoring technology filtering tool worry

Diary Defender

This business software is a solid diary application, that allows you to keep your diary on your computer. It features strong password protection and encryption, and it allows several people to keep their diary on the same computer. You can store pictures with your entries, you can print your entries, and you can export to popular file formats such as RTF and HTML. It allows you to use different fonts within one diary entry.

diary entry rtf encryption

Chilkat Spider ActiveX

Crawl a website with this free ActiveX spidering component. Advanced features include caching, "avoid" patterns, and robots.txt compliance. This freeware is archived under activex category.

robots advanced features free activex


This business software is a handy software for writing and organizing notes in a simple and convenient way. Whether you want to structure a paper, organize information at work, or just keep track of your daily quick notes, this is the software you need. AcuteNotes has a simple interface with a set of styles for structuring your text. The notes can be organized in a hierarchical tree and you can work on several notes at the same time, as if they were one.

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