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Openworld Presenter Plus

Openworld Presenter Plus is a tool for creating polished multimedia presentations with RealMedia technologies.It is especially useful for creation of navigable video presentations as well as e-learning and distance learning courses. Our authoring environment produces presentations that mirror the real-life format of seminars and workshops. You can now synchronize video of speakers with accompanying slides, scrolling transcripts and hyperlinks. And you can build multi-level tree menus of topics that let viewers go straight to segments of interest. RealMedia streaming format (SMIL) is used for the presentation. RealMedia and MPEG formats are supported for the video. Media File Encoder is included to convert other video formats (e.g. AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc.) into RealMedia format. CD Image Creator are included to prepare CD images to publish presentations on CD. Openworld Presenter can also deliver lower overall project authoring costs. You're only a few clicks away from savings in transcription, translation, and graphic art, as online service providers around the world respond to your project needs. You can also interact with Powerpoint to easily build or import slides that display within your streaming video presentations. Our Realmedia-based authoring system also lets you produce completed presentations on CD-ROMs or on web servers -- and earn global royalties through new pay-per-use delivery options. Openworld Presenter Plus is a shareware categorized under multimedia and presentation tools tools.

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Create user-navigabl...

Openworld FlashPresenter

Create user-navigable Flash presentations and e-learning courses, featuring audio/video, slides and hyperlinks. Presentation combines audio or video files of a speaker with graphic images, Flash animation effects and Powerpoint slides. A video, showing your speaker can be synchronized with this visual material. You can also synchronize a scrolling transcript and context-sensitive hyperlinks for your audience to access web resources about the information presented. Content menus that display topics in an expandable tree form let users quickly navigate to subjects of interest. All of this can be done in highly compressed media delivery formats that can reach users around the world through Web browsers regardless of their operating system, and that can also be delivered via extranets/intranets, local hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and/or removable drives. Version 2.07 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. Openworld FlashPresenter is a flash tools software.

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OpenXML Writer is an...

OpenXML Writer

OpenXML Writer is an opensource editor that is able to generate the newly ratified Office OpenXML Wordprocessing files (extension .docx). The .docx files can be opened and further edited by Word 2007 and other softwares that support the Office OpenXML format. The Writer requires the .Net 3 Framework runtime to be installed on the user's machine. It supports basic paragraph formatting like justification and indentation. It also allows formatting of font sizes, colors, families and styles. On top of that , it includes a spell checker that can be toggled on or off. OpenXML Writer is a freeware categorized under business office suites, tools tools.

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Explores Flash files...

Flash Digger Lite

Explores Flash files and extracts graphics and sound data with preview. Graphics can be exported in JPEG and PNG format (transparency enabled). Sounds are saved in WAV/MP3 format. Also can export a mute copy (without a soundtrack) of Flash movie. Can explore full SWF file listing. In the commercial (FlashDigger Plus) version you can also update graphics, sounds and hyperlinks in the movie, assign a hyperlink (transparent button) to the whole scene or to any of its part, update graphics, remove an objects from clip's scene, delete tags or frames, apply soundtrack to the movie or to any clip. In this way you can update your movies without any additional software usage! animation freeware listed in animation section.

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Explores Flash files...

FlashDigger Plus

Explores Flash files, extracts and updates text, graphics, sound and actions. There is Folder Browser for quick search of SWF files in the webbrowser cache or in a custom folder. SWF graphics can be exported in JPEG, PNG, and BMP format. Sounds are saved in MP3 or WAV. Shapes and buttons can be saved as a reusable (importable) objects. You can explore SWF file listings, change scene sizes and frame rates, add/remove frames, add/remove or modify actions, change object placement, change a hyperlink associated with a button object, apply a hyperlink to a movie or to any rectagular area of its scene (create a transparent button), update graphics, remove objects from a scene, update a button or a frame sound, apply a soundtrack to a movie or to any clip, and remove a soundtrack from a movie with an immediate preview of the results. You can also compress or decompress, protect or unprotect SWF files, import SWF files from projectors (EXE), and convert SWF files to EXE with a set of extended options. Updating text you can search for TTF fonts used in the movie and absent in your system, using our new TTF Search Engine, which let's you search TTF fonts in our online database, containing links to 8,000+ direct download links of TTF fonts around the world. Also included are: an MP3 encoder, a sound uncompressor, and a sound MP3 recorder. This flash tools software is listed under flash design tools.

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