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Pulse MP

Pulse MP is a free music player which is able to cope with each device. It is meant mainly for digital audio lovers, who dream of ingenious, adaptable and efficient tool for music playback and organisation. The possibilities for adjustment and the large number of supported formates makes it one of the best player on the market. Pulse MP is from version 1.20 equipped with internet radio support. Standardly distributed, it consists of several interesting designs which enable users to use the player in their own original way. * Eonic - main design which can fully use the potential of player. * Cybersmiths - design, that attracts for its ingenious appearance and simplicity of usage. * Out of colours - special design that enables to play up to 4 files at once! If you feel like a DJ and want to try how it would be playing at a party, then do not hesitate and try your abilities with this design! Features: * internet radio support * playing audio files from internet * DSP effects - bass boosters, filters, reverbs, shapers * support of formates mp3, ogg, wav, cda, opl, mod, s3m, stm, nsf, fc, ahx, sid, sap and others * handy playlist editor and media library * mixing more songs together (in our design Out of colours) For news and updates go to http://www.orcave.com/pulse Don't wait and see it for yourself! This audio software is listed under audio, multimedia audio file players.

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