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Guitar Instrument Tuner + Free Metronome

This software allows you to tune your guitar. Guitar Instrument Tuner can accurately determine the frequency, musical note and octave for each of your guitar strings. To tune musical instruments by using a microphone or direct connection through your PC's sound card. Guitar Instrument Tuner automatically detects the pitch of the input signal and displays the corresponding note and its deviation from the targeted note. Tuning Procedure: 1- If you are using an instrument with a pickup, connect the INPUT LINE of the sound card - If you are using an mic, connect the MICLINE of the sound card. 2- Press RUNButton switch to enter Sound mode. 3- Select note you want to tune (SELECTNOTE) 4- Tune your instrument so that the VU style meter moves to the 0 position (center). 5- If you want to tune a pure major third above or a pure minor third above a certain note, click on +- 1/2 TONEBEND. Guitar Instrument Tuner + Free Metronome is a software.

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OOBOX News Headlines...

News Headlines

OOBOX News Headlines, you can access the information at once. - OOBOX News Headlines scan all your page selection automatically for you, extracts and displays all the headlines found for your convenience. - OOBOX News Headlines can gather headlines from many sources, in many topics: International, National, Economy, Finance, Stock exchange, Sport, Technology, Science, People, Entertainment... - OOBOX News Headlines is easy to use: just import in the source manager, all the web pages containing your favorite information channels, check whether OOBOX News Headlines handles properly the news, that's all! With News Headlines you can: - Get the latest headlines from all around the web ; - Filter headlines using keyword and/or group headlines by sources ; - Browse full news in a single click. News Headlines is a software.

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OOBOX XBaseCatalog P...

XBaseCatalog Professional

OOBOX XBaseCatalog Professional: Cataloging CD ROM, DVD, floppy disk, ... Find easily where you saved your files ... Do not Waste any more space on your CD-R by burning of multiple times the same files! - High-performance file scanning. - Fast and smart searcher. - MD5 files authentication. - Smart Compare Files. - Use less CDROM for burning. Features: - Supports large database - Has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface - Indexes all files of your supports very fast (few seconds) - Indexes archive ZIP files - Indexes all files of your supports with MD5 file authentication - Express search panel - Smart searches for requested files in the database with users criteria (support wildcards) - Filter Search by date, size - Identify unique files with MD5 file authentication - Smart Compare: Comparative analysis of files with regard to files already present in the database. . - Files Drag & Drop . XBaseCatalog Professional is a software.

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OOOBOX XBaseCatalog ...

XBaseCatalog Standard

OOOBOX XBaseCatalog Standard is a friendly and easy-to-use program for managing CDs, DVDs, floppy disks. If you are just starting to catalog your various removable media supports, then OOBOX XBaseCatalog Standard is perfect for you. - Fast and smart searcher. - High-performance file scanning. Create your own files catalog very faster. Only a few seconds to index all the files present on your CDROM support. XBaseCatalog Standard is a software.

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