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Helps you to handle, edit and publish photos from your digital camera. All functions that you need to manage your photos and to impress your family, friends or customers with your photos are included in one piece of software! Easy to use and install! Built around three basic functions: 1. Import: putting photos into albums or getting them from a digital camera into PhotoMeister - 2. Improve: editing photos to remove red eye, make color or other adjustments, and even using an external editor - 3. Impress: printing your photos or packaging your photos up for delivery through email or the web ------ Photomeister helps you accomplish a number of important tasks regarding your digital photo collection: 1. Finding photos quickly: through PhotoMeister?s intuitive and simple interface, you can quickly locate your photos in albums based upon a standard naming convention. 2. Managing your collection: PhotoMeister includes a number of easy-to-use features such as copying photos, importing photos into albums (from existing folders on your hard drive, from a digital camera, or from a TWAIN-compliant source like a scanner), dumping photos (from an album), and deleting photos (to the Windows Recycle Bin). 3. Editing photos: you don?t need to be an Adobe? Photoshop® guru to handle the basic editing of your photos. Photomeister has built-in editing capabilities that allow you to do such things as rotate, crop, reduce red-eye, and add frames. If you want more advanced editing opportunity, PhotoMeister allows you to set a default ?external editor? (like Adobe? Photoshop®) that launches when you click the Edit button. 4. Sending your photos: If there?s one thing that PhotoMeister simplifies, it?s sending out photos. Using PhotoMeister?s build in ?publishing templates? you can create web-based photo albums and email your creations, all without using any additional software! digital camera helpers, digital photography, picture management, photo management, html album creators, pdf album creators, palm album creators, shareware listed in digital camera helpers, digital photography, picture management, photo management, html album creators, pdf album creators, palm album creators, section.

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With PRTG (Paessler Ro...

PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher

With PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher) you can easily set up and run a monitoring station that logs the amount of data flowing out and into any SNMP enabled network component. The most common usage is monitoring the bandwidth usage of leased lines, routers and firewalls. But you can also monitor the usage of servers, managed switches, printers and other network components. Using PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher) you can set up a traffic monitoring machine for your router or server in minutes. Free Edition and Pro Edition: The Free Edition is free for personal and commercial use. Simply download PRTG and give it a try. The Pro Edition offers additional features. PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher is a freeware categorized under traffic, bandwidth, internet, monitoring, dsl, router, firewall, snmp, leased line tools.

Keywords: snmp router firewall mrtg bandwidth ip volume easy network usage monitor mpeg avi

Netflow Generator crea...

Paessler NetFlow Generator

Netflow Generator creates artificial NetFlow Version 5 data streams without the need for NetFlow compatible hardware. It is the perfect tool for testing the NetFlow functionality of PRTG or other NetFlow compatible programs. NetFlow Generator runs on a PC and sends NetFlow 5 Packets (via UDP) to a specific target computer which processes the data. You can create various patterns and loads of traffic. While the simulator is active it will create NetFlow packets which contain information about the selected traffic pattern. These packets contain the same information as a router/switch would send if it saw the simulated traffic pattern (the simulated traffic itself is not generated). Paessler NetFlow Generator license is freeware and it is listed in network, internet network monitoring software.

Keywords: netflow prtg bandwidth network packet sniffer monitor monitoring ethereal router performance snmp sniffing cisco collector simulator formats audio

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Paessler WMI Tester

Paessler WMI Tester is a tool for quickly and easily testing the accessibility of WMI counters. "Windows Management Instrumentation" is the latest technology from Microsoft for monitoring and managing Windows based systems. WMI allows a process to read data for many Windows' configuration parameters as well as current system status values. Access can take place locally or remotely via a network connection. WMI is based on COM and DCOM and is integrated in Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and later. Add-ons are available for Windows 9x and NT4. Products like Paessler's IPCheck Server Monitor make use of the WMI functionality to monitor computers in network environments. Paessler WMI Tester license is freeware and it is listed in network, internet network monitoring software.

Keywords: network monitor server network mrtg prtg wmi windows management instrumentation downtime uptime monitor ping port http up snmp octave range

No Spam Today! is an S...

No Spam Today! Pro - Spam Filter for Mail Servers

No Spam Today! is an SMTP proxy server based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server. Incoming mail is accepted from the open internet, checked for spam, and is then delivered to your existing SMTP mail server. During this process the included, renowned SpamAssassin? engine will flag spam mail in the subject line and add a filtering report to spam mails according to your configuration. When installing No Spam Today! you will get: 1. A complete one stop setup routine that installs one of the world's most advanced and thorough spam filters on your server in a matter of minutes. 2. Our reliable SMTP proxy service software that makes it easy to integrate No Spam Today! into any existing infrastructure 3. An easy to use Admin Wizard to configure all important settings of No Spam Today! and the SpamAssassin? engine 4. Updates, e.g. when new versions of the SpamAssassin? engine are released 5. A virus filter and an attachment blocker (coming soon) 6. Free support (for commercial editions only) For commercial use we offer a pricing for No Spam Today! that offers exceptional value! For personal, non-commercial use there is a fully functional Freeware Edition of No Spam Today! (see website). This internet software is listed under mail server, server, smtp, internet server, email, spam, email filter, spam filter.

Keywords: mail server server smtp internet server email spam email filter spam filter filter works proxy easy installation cell phones

Webserver Performance,...

Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver Performance, Load and Stress Test! Webserver Stress Tool is a comprehensive HTTP-client/server test application designed to pinpoint critical issues in your webserver that may prevent optimal performance. Using advanced user simulation tools and graphical reports, you can test the performance of your webserver under normal and excessive loads to ensure that critical information and services are available at speeds your end-users expect. Detailed test logs and several easy to read graphs make analyzing results a snap. Webserver Stress Tool is for Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) can benchmark almost any webserver (e.g. static pages, JSPs/ASPs, or CGIs) for performance, load, and stress-tests. So why is Webserver Stress Tool important for your web infrastructure? - Maximize Up time, Webserver Stress Tool ensures that critical issues in your website are resolved before they bring down your web resources - Maximize Performance, Webserver Stress Tool ensures that your websites and applications are given the server resources they need when they need it to guarantee a high quality user experience - Maximize ROI, Webserver Stress Tool ensures that you are getting everything out of the investment in your webserver technology through consistent and in-depth testing and analysis. - Maximize Value, Webserver Stress Tool is the most cost-effective solution in the market for simulating performance, load, and stress tests for your webserver. - Minimize Efforts, Webserver Stress Tool installs in 5 minutes and works with all webservers. This internet software is listed under server testing, server tools, network administration.

Keywords: webserver load performance stress test stress-test simulates simultaneous server users software files

No Spam Today! for Wor...

No Spam Today! POP3 Spam Filter

No Spam Today! for Workstations was created for users of Outlook, Outlook Express and all other POP3 email clients to protect mailboxes against spam. Sitting between your mail client and your mail server No Spam Today! for Workstations scans all incoming emails and marks spam emails so you can sort out the unwanted emails or even delete them at once. No Spam Today! POP3 Spam Filter is a shareware categorized under outlook, pop3, mail client, smtp, email, spam, email filter, spam filter tools.

Keywords: mail server server smtp internet server email spam email filter spam filter filter pop3 clients outlook spawn


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