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A hexadecimal file editor and viewer

EditAll is developed or distributed by Palmwood Software and is licensed as shareware. Software to edit a file's content as text, decimal, or hexadecimal numbers. EditAll is a file editor on the level of the bits and bytes. This is useful if you have no other suitable editor or viewer available for a specific data format. The content of a file can be displayed and edited in various data formats: signed and unsigned integers of 8, 16, and 32 bits, and floating points of 32 and 64 bits. The main window shows the file content as text, and as 8-bit decimal and hexadecimal numbers. The other data formats can be viewed and edited in a separate window. Additionally, there is a window that displays file content as 8-bit binary numbers. In this window you can view and set individual bits of the file. Data can be copied to and from the clipboard in the previously mentioned data formats. Data copied to the clipboard can be copied to another file by opening that file in a second instance of EditAll. In order to allow other applications, such as Notepad, to receive text data from EditAll, there is an option to copy text adapted for that purpose. You can also copy to a dump format: a combined text and hexadecimal format with offset numbers. The user can search for text, decimal or hexadecimal data, count the number of times the data occurs, and replace it by other data. The current byte position of the cursor is shown in decimal and hexadecimal format. The cursor can be moved to a new location by the usual cursor keys, or by entering the byte location. A selection of bytes can be made either by using the Shift-key or the mouse, or by typing the end ...

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