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Paradigm World Facts...

Paradigm World Facts and Tours

Paradigm World Facts and Tours Edutaiment Software is a multi-media world geography tutor, 3D Virtual Reality Role Playing Game and One-way Traveling Salesman Problem solver and simulator. Read and/or listen to geopolitical description of 210 countries. Atlas information available in Explore and Quiz modes. Access interesting national features such as a country?s boundary shape, map, flag, currency, monument, local time and national anthem. The tour sequence, duration and total distance traveled is used to compute a player?s final score. The ultimate tourist seeks to make the shortest one-way tour of a region or the entire world within the shortest possible time interval. Could you go 'Around the world in eighty minutes?' Need the TSP solver to plan your next tour vacation to several countries? ... Every home, traveller, school and scholar deserves this® Single-User: for Individual, install on two machines only. Educational: for educational or other Institution but restricted to a single campus location, install on THIRTY machines. Paradigm World Facts and Tours is a education software.

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Award-winning word p...

Paradigm Lingua

Award-winning word processor and translator for English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Kalabari, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swahili and a custom (user defined) language. Our implementation of certain features are unbeatable! Hebrew and Arabic fonts are also provided for religious scholarship. Now you can produce documents, books, scripture, tracts, calendars, posters, policies, multi-captioned movies etc. in nearly any language, and the machine assists translation. Preserve your native tongue and possibly learn some foreign ones. Educators & Students, Individuals & Businesses, Publishers & Moviemakers, Religious & Ethnic Groups, Politicians & Administrators, etc. must embrace this software and its opportunities. We have programmed Lingua to enable easy word processing in Nigerian, most African and other languages for which you have a font. Lingua processes Rich Text Files (.RTF) as well as Text (.TXT) and proprietary (.LIN) format. The Ultimate Communicator® License Options Single-User: for Individual or small Venture, install on two machines only. Multi-User: for Individual, small School or Organization, install on ten machines only. Enterprise: for Organization but restricted to a geographical region (State\Province), install on unlimited machines. Educational: for educational or research Institution but restricted to a single campus location, install on unlimited machines. Paradigm Lingua is a education software.

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A powerful Data cont...

Paradigm PiDataCtl

A powerful Data control for database connection and operations. Exposes Methods for programmatic control with Events to validate User action. Support the Move methods, Find, Transactions, AddNew, Edit, Delete, Undo, Save, Insert to another Table, generates DataForm, QueryForm, etc. at run-time! Handles Hyperlink and Picture fields seamlessly, displays and manipulate images. Important Form captions will contain your company name. Paradigm PiDataCtl is a development tools software.

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Paradigm 3D VR Activ...

Paradigm 3D Virtual Reality ActiveX Control

Paradigm 3D VR ActiveX Control provides the functionality required for easy creation and rendering of three dimensional graphics and sound. Now you may easily create sprites in a virtual world and control their interactions and behaviour. You DO NOT need a sophisticated map or level editor/creator, simply use NOTEPAD to create a TEXT file or programmatically specify the walls and position of objects in the world. The control supports BillBoards, ThinBoards, Cubes, Rotating Shapes, Transparent, Hard/Soft Sprites, etc. Paradigm 3D Virtual Reality ActiveX Control is a development tools software.

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Multi-ActiveX contro...

Paradigm PiHyper

Multi-ActiveX control for Visual Basic, serves as: 1) Real-time or dynamic Database Reporter that allows you to programmatically generate and print reports with two lines of code. Besides, your application User may create customizable reports on the fly. 2) File_Dialog (supporting OLE embedding) that allows User to preview or insert an image as the Picture or backPicture property of an object in your application or to embed a file into a text editing Control. Developer may obtain a filename from the User and internally deduce its Path, Windows ShortName, LongName, etc. 3) Hyperlink navigator which can navigate to a website (URL), e-mail address or disk file using the default browser instance or a new one. 4) App Event Log generator. 5) Timer (with interval in seconds). Important Form captions will contain your company name. Includes Help and sample (with VB source code). Paradigm PiHyper is a development tools software.

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