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The easiest to use z...

Plain Simple Zip

The easiest to use zip program on Earth. Makes self-extracting files! Self-extracting files can even run a program after they have run. Get this one now! This is a shareware listed under compression category.

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So easy to use and y...

AtomicRobot Plain Simple Zip

So easy to use and yet so powerful! Makes regular zip files and self-extracting files! Self-extracting files can even run a program after they have run. Get this one now! file compression shareware listed in file compression section.

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The AtomicRobot Info...

AtomicRobot Information Manager

The AtomicRobot Information Manager 4.1 allows you to easily store, find, and protect information important to you! Whenever you need to save important information, simply type it in or paste it in and click Save! Later, you can search for your information using any word contained in the text you saved. The items you searched for will be highlighted. You can also password protect your data! Whether you need to save phone numbers, personal information, passwords, or any text at all, this program is for you! This newest version of AtomicRobot Information Manager 4.1 now includes a whole new look: new buttons, a new skin, progress indicators and more! If you have lots of miscellaneous things to remember, this program will change your life. This is an incredible program! Try it! information manager shareware listed in information manager section.

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AtomicRobot Spelling...

AtomicRobot Spelling Checker

AtomicRobot Spelling Checker 1.0 is an easy-to-use spelling checker that works for 13 languages! It is not a translator. Simply choose the language you want, type in your word, and check its spelling. If the entered word is spelled incorrectly, the program will provide you with suggested spellings! Registration is only $15 USD! Evaluate it free for 30 days! Check your spelling in US English, UK English, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, Swedish, and Czech! Wow! This education software is listed under spelling checker.

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An incredible easy-t...

AtomicRobot FTP Professional Edition

An incredible easy-to-use FTP program! Faster than ever! This new version is now even easier to use than ever before! New error handling has been added and it is now able to copy more files at once into a single folder than ever before. The only FTP program you will ever need! AtomicRobot FTP Professional Edition is a internet software.

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