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Can't read your Hotmail in your favourite mail client? Can't read your Hotmail on your mobile phone? Used to have a Hotmail account but now have a new account(s)? Have a GMail account and want to gather your old e-mail accounts together? Got a Blackberry device? Want to moitor your childrens e-mail? The uses for GetMail are virtually endless. GetMail will forward e-mail from a Hotmail/MSN or POP3 account(s) to any number of destination accounts and has some very clever advanced features! Mark mail as read or delete it, forward from any Hotmail/MSN folders (inbox,bulk,your own folders), mark which source folder a mail came from, filter for spam, filter for zip/exe attachments, intelligent forwarding (leave e-mail on the server and it will not be forwarded more than once, unless you choose to!), migration tool to make moving from one account to another very easy (even by-passing Hotmails sending limit) PLUS MANY MANY MORE FEATURES! This internet software is listed under communications other e-mail tools.

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