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PC Chrono

This software includes countdown timer with custmoziable sound notifications, stopwatch and digital clock. It's timer is capable of resuming your PC from any sleep mode (S1,S3 or S4). Voice synthesis is used to remind you about timer/stopwatch progress or hourly chime. Mp3, ogg or wav sounds can be played to notify you that the time is up. freeware PC Chrono is listed in desktop clocks, alarms tools.

s3 stopwatch s4


With "SchoolBell" the bell system of a school or factory can be controlled. Features ease of use! Uses any wav-sounds. For some events special sounds can be configured. Times and description are free configurable. Colors can be set. SchoolBell is a demo software filed under desktop clocks, alarms utilities.

configurable colors wav sounds free configurable

Active MP3&WAV Player

Add sound playback capabilities using the most diffused sound formats MP3 and WAV. The MP3 playback is based on the Xaudio engine: Xaudio provides the most robust and fastest MP3 engine implementation on all platforms, and is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It can also give to the programmer detailed information about the loaded sound file and is capable of retrieving the ID3V1 tag of MP3 files. Development Tools shareware Active MP3&WAV Player is listed in audio tools.

programmers mp3 playback programmer

Express Animator

This graphics utility is an animation tool for creating animations, cartoons and presentations with sound and music - fast. Website: www.expressanimator.com. This commercial is archived under graphic apps animation tools category.

animations cartoons flash format sound and music

WinSWF Extractor

This multimedia utility helps you extract all the Images and Sounds resources from any Macromedia Flash movie file. WinSWF Extractor is a shareware software filed under graphic apps editors utilities.

macromedia flash 5 movie files thumbnail view

Atmosphere Lite: Nature Sounds Generator

Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. Choose presets such as tropical, thundestorm, nighttime, summer and many others or alternatively customize your own soundscape from the background and random sounds provided

thunderstorm custom nature alarm clock

PMV AlarmClock

This software is a little tool wich helps to save your computer resources by powering-off it on timeout or at chosen time. freeware PMV AlarmClock is listed in office applications calendar and scheduling, screensavers, office applications desktop publishing, audio utilities tools.

timeout custom messages important event

KO Approach

This shell enhancement allows you to access your files quicker. Click on a folder icon, hold mouse button pressed, and a menu will appear displaying the folder's contents. Navigate the menu and its submenus, and locate even a deeply buried file! KO Approach is licensed as shareware and placed in system utilities shell tools section.

graphics files submenus parent folder

Sound Pilot

Software that adds typewriter sounds to your computer keyboard. It creates the romantic sound atmosphere of the time of Remingtons. With every touch of the keyboard, there is a new sound. This makes the process of typing more interesting, amuses, reduces stress, and helps encourage more rhythmical typing. The program has several sound sets. If your mood changes, with two clicks you can switch your sound scheme, changing the sound aura around you. This miscellaneous shareware Sound Pilot is categorized under sound tools.

mood changes default sound morse


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