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FrameQuote allows yo...


FrameQuote allows you to create and maintain a database of prices for framing materials and labor and create an art framing price quote with a few mouse clicks. A complete FrameQuote manual is available at FrameQuote is a shareware categorized under business calculators, converters tools.

Keywords: mouse clicks art framing framing materials speed of light analog characteristics

SuperChecks prints f...


SuperChecks prints filled-out or blank checks on standard two-check check blanks or plain paper. It also can print pages of smaller blank checks. The program allows you to set up as many checking accounts as necessary and to switch between them. This business software is listed under business accounting, finance.

Keywords: prints blank checks plain paper checking accounts logical structure convert video formats

List the source code...

VB Lister

List the source code for Visual Basic forms, standard modules and class modules, with the filename date and time at the top of each page. Re-print one or more pages from a listing. Create a cross-reference list of subroutines and functions showing filenames and page numbers in your listings. Create a call listing showing all procedures and the calls to them within a project. This is a shareware listed under development basic, vb, vb dotnet category.

Keywords: subroutines page numbers class modules source code cross reference visual basic filenames time at the top room implementation f9

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