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#1 Photo To VCD Burner

#1 Photo To VCD Burner is a powerful but easy to use DVD/SVCD/VCD authoring application. This tool can help you to easily burn your favorite digital photos into a DVD/SVCD/VCD compatible slideshow on video CD, complete with background music and awesome transition effects. This video CD is playable on any home DVD player so your family and friends can watch it on TV. It can also be watched on any DVD/SVCD/VCD compatible PC. With the powerful multi-album feature, you can organize your photos into multiple albums, complete with menus on the CD so you can use the remote control to navigate the different albums on right on your TV. It also provides a built in CD burning function that lets you to burn your video directly into CD-R or CD-RW with no additional CD burning software. You can also archive the original photos on to the same CD for later use. #1 Photo To VCD Burner is a must have tool for sharing your favorite digital photos with your friends and family. #1 Photo To VCD Burner is a graphics software.

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