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PatchMaker is a 2D m...


PatchMaker is a 2D motion tracking program designed for intraframe video editing and compositing. It can determine the motion of a selected object in the scene to a subpixel precision under a specified parametric motion model. The computed motion can be used to solve the following tasks: 1) Placing a patch on a moving object. The patch stays glued to the object because its motion was so accurately determined. 2) Background stabilizing (eliminating unwanted motion in the scene caused, for example, by camera jerks) PatchMaker has built-in means of integration with Adobe® After Effects® (AE) that allow data exchang between the applications with a single button click. The AE plug-in module coming with the PatchMaker takes care of importing/exporting footage between current projects as well as applying computed transformations to the active layer. When working with the PatchMaker, the user has to procced through the following steps: 1) Load both footage (to serve as the underlay) and the overlay: from files of common formats (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, GIF, and PNG), or by importing active layer footage from an AE composition; 2) By using a handy brush tool in the built-in mask editor, select an object to be tracked; 3) Launch the tracking process (hold on, it is going to be fast!); 4) When finished: perform high-quality rendering of: the transformed overlay with an alpha channel, or the underlay with the overlay applied, or the stabilized underlay to files of the above formats or to an AVI sequence, or export the computed transformations to AE and apply them to the active layer. PatchMaker has a comfortable user interface that enables complete visual control over the tracking process. For instance, you can visually organize the tracking in stages, or preview current results immediately during computation, or change the patch on the fly. This graphics software is listed under audio, multimedia video tools.

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The program ?Claxa? ...


The program ?Claxa? is intended for tracking an object in a video footage, constructing the mask of the object, and subsequent extraction of the object. Tracking an object with the aim to extract it means precise detection of its boundaries on a pixel level. In this relation ?Claxa? admits much more alive and natural movements of the mask, even more believable than manual construction of the mask using Bezier-spline in Adobe After Effects (AE), because the mask receives many more degrees of freedom, and it can reproduce the finest movements of the object, which are beyond the reach of human operator. Except binary masks, where each pixel is unambiguously attributed to the object or to background, ?Claxa? can build smooth raster masks with soft transition from background to foreground. By the description this feature resembles well known ?feather? from many graphics packages, but in ?Claxa? smoothing of the boundaries depends not only on geometrical distance from the center of the object-background transition, but also on real spread of the boundary in the given place of the current frame. ?Claxa? offers several options for masks built in it to be subsequently processed in AE. Here are the export types: 1) Source footage with everything erased (or replaced with data from another footage) except for the object. 2) Sequence of masks for each frame from the source footage. 3) Approximate description of the mask in the form of dynamic B-spline, which can be exported in AE layer as ordinary mask with the possibility to edit it by hands and apply additional effects to it in AE. Technically the tracking in ?Claxa? is performed by comparison of the frame, where a user has drawn static mask for reference, with the rest frames of some part of the footage on the base of colors coincidence and evenness of boundaries transformation. Claxa license is freeware and it is listed in audio, multimedia video tools software.

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Arkan is designed to...


Arkan is designed to convert border of a raster mask (selection of an object in scene) or any closed polyline into B-spline (piecewise cubic Bezier curve) representation spread widely in vector graphics packages. Arkan chooses the best position both for node points (junctions of adjacent Bezier polynomial pieces) and for control points, which don’t lie on the curve but only affects its shape. Minimum description length approach powers the program. In addition to its unique outlining capabilities Arkan features nice and friendly user interface (see screenshot). It’s typical task in computer graphics to describe contour of raster masks in terms of a set of cubic Bezier curves. For example, to allow changing (interpolation) of the mask during the time in a compositing environment, such as Adobe After Effects. Currently this task is performed manually for many frames and it’s really painful even for a skilled computer designer. * Arkan can operate in one of two modes: Semi-automatic. The user selects the number of node points, their very rough positions and type: should the spline be smooth or sharp at those nodes. Nothing more. The program then adjusts position of node points and locates the best position for controls points by itself. The processing in this mode is very fast. Automatic. The user has to do nothing after loading the mask into the program. The number of nodes, their positions and positions of controls nodes, everything is detected automatically. However operating in this mode consumes significantly more processor power. * Features & Benefits Perfect quality of fitted B-splines, even if you limit the number of Bezier curve pieces. Subpixel precision of node and control points. Outstanding performance for that quality. Ease of tuning due to built-in powerful properties editor. Easy, familiar, and neat interface. Adobe After Effects plug-in for handy importing constructed splines into AE. Export of Bezier splines in text, BMP & EMF. This graphics software is listed under graphic apps converters, optimizers.

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