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Outlook Express Password

This tool allows you to recover passwords which MS Outlook Express identities are protected with. It is the real recoverer ? it will show you the password. Outlook Express Password can also recover account information. Your emails addresses, mail server addresses (smtp, pop3, imap, nntp), usernames for email accounts, passwords to email servers. Outlook Express Password is licensed as shareware and filed in password recovery section.

ms outlook express microsoft outlook express passwords

Socket Workbench

This internet utility is the definitive tool for analysing socket communications that underlie the Internet and several types of inter-process communication. Configure Socket Workbench to be a socket client (like a web browser or e-mail client) or a socket server with ease. You can send data through a socket and analyse that data that has been received.

outgoing data tier client server communication protocol

RadarSync 2007: PC Update Suite

Computer driver and software updates. Builds a profile of all software and hardware installed on your PC and finds, downloads, and installs critical driver and software updates. Prevents crashes and optimizes performance. This shareware is archived under network, internet browser tools category.

security holes software applications software updates

COM Port Toolkit

This tool is a software solution for monitoring serial port activity on Win32 PCs. This utilities shareware COM Port Toolkit is categorized under programming utilities.

communications protocol protocol analyzer scripting language

Software Organizer

This office software Deluxe is a complete program that allows computer owners, institutions, software dealers, and computer clubs to organize, catalog, and manage their information about software on their PCs. This shareware is archived under info managers, hobby organizers category.

reports printing moment feature handy email

Alchemy Network Inventory

Network Administrators use this tool to inventory computers in the corporate networks for the software and hardware configuration, generate software licenses reports, etc. The program does not require the client module to be installed on each individual workstation, but can be configured to inventory all network computers by only copying the files to a single shared folder on a file server.

databases corporate networks alchemy network

Harem Games Puzzle

This game is a free puzzle game featuring top strip models. Puzzle game objective is simple: to complete our beautiful models puzzles. The lower number of clicks combined with the shortest time to complete each puzzle gets the better score. As soon as you complete a puzzle you can move on to the next strip model. As you progress the puzzles become sexier, so play smart and have fun! Harem Games Puzzle is licensed as freeware and filed in puzzles, board, table, strip, pictures, entertainment, fun, flash section.

empty slot beautiful models free puzzle game

Barcode .Net Windows Form

MW6 Barcode .Net Control is the .Net Windows Form and can create the professional 1D barcode image for your .Net applications, you can save the barcode as different image format files. It is easy to print barcode using the PrintDocument Control provided by the .Net Framework (See the bundled VB and C# sample projects for more details regarding printing).

vb image format files barcode image


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