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EventTracker for Windows

EventTracker provides a centralized, scalable, enterprise class solution for real-time event log management, analysis and reporting for Windows NT/ 2000 / XP. EventTracker for Windows empowers you with the knowledge of event activity patterns that result from application behaviors and helps you to significantly enhance and progressively streamline the management of Windows systems on your network. EventTracker provides - configurable alerts for quick problem detection - user definable and pre-defined event categories for quick diagnostics - filters for improved efficiency - configurable reports for detailed and management reporting - performance monitoring - critical service monitoring - interaction with other network manager - automatic backup and clear of event logs - remote java viewer for monitoring from non-Windows desktops - monitors UNIX syslog events, - multi window user friendly GUI Console to centrally monitor event activity - easy deployment of clients. EventTracker for Windows license is shareware and it is listed in system monitoring software.

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EventTracker manages event log of Windows NT/2000 workstations and server at central location. It displays all the events in real time and logs events into a database.It monitors event logs, security, processes and services, SNMP, Windows clusters. It supports Event notification. Remote viewers, Custom views, event filtering, powerful reporting, remote install and many more features. EventTracker is a demo categorized under system utilities file, disk management tools.

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WhatChanged for Windows

Ever wonder why the PC that was working perfectly before is suddenly misbehaving? Ever wonder what changed? Now get detailed data on changes to the file and registry of the networked PC with one mouse click. Restore and Undo Restore changes to the registry. WhatChanged for Windows captures detailed information (called snapshots) on the file and registry. A friendly graphical Explorer-like Change Browser allows easy traversal of directory or registry tree highlighting changes. Unlike first generation products, only differences between snapshots are stored thus minimizing disk space usage. Use the Enterprise edition to track changes on hundreds of machines on any IP network, from a central location. Restoral and viewing actions can be restricted in compliance with existing security rules. Change reports provide detailed information, useful when interacting with vendors. The friendly Change Browser permits easy traversal of the file and registry. Powerful filtering capabilities are available to exclude any subtree. Configurable options include the frequency and number of automated snapshots. Applications of change data include diagnostics, repair and trend tracking. The 30 day evaluation includes all features. Supported platforms include Win98, NT, 2000 and MSCS. system tools demo listed in system tools section.

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