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SSH client for Windows with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols support. Easy setup with an optional autoconfiguration. You can use either GUI or a command line interface. The latter makes it easy to establish an SSH connection by a third-party application such as CVS. SSH tunneling is also available. Private Shell is able to transform the remote server's code page to display local characters properly on the Windows system. Support for profiles allow keeping custom settings for different servers you work with, and the included key agent software provides a convenient way to manage user authentication keys. System administrators will find the silent installation feature useful to install Private Shell over a local network. Currently Private Shell supports DSA and RSA host key algorithms, AES, Twofish, 3DES, Blowfish, Arcfour, CAST-128 ciphers, and SHA1, MD5 MACs. It emulates many popular terminal types. This is a shareware listed under security category.

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