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AdDelete is a comprehensive filter technology so that you can focus on your internet browsing without the clutter and block unwanted advertising and popup windows. A two-stage smart filter blocks banner ads, and intercepts "redirected" advertising, catching more ads. Protect your online privacy. AdDelete intercepts advertisers' requests and prevents tracking of your online habits. Monitor and control web access Control access to inappropriate internet sites to maintain a healthy home and work environment. Speed up your browser AdDelete's built-in caching loads graphics faster, accelerating your access. Smart filter - An intelligent, adaptive filter blocks banner ads, and intercepts "redirected" advertising. Screen out pop-up windows that slow you down and are unnecessary. Easy-to-use configuration enables you to retain the pop-up windows you find useful. Built-in caching - Loading site graphics slows you down. AdDelete's built-in caching accelerates how your computer loads site graphics, giving you faster access. Feedback - Find out what you're missing. Indicator gauges and other statistics measure the amount of content that has been blocked because it is ads. An estimated 20-40% of the content your are loading, processing and reading on the web is ads. Protect your cookies and your privacy - Cookies from advertisers are used to track your online habits and provide personal information. AdDelete filters out useful requests for information about you (for example, for delivery of a health newsletter) from intrusive requests for private information, and prevents advertisers from collecting data about you without your consent. This internet software is listed under web browsing utility.

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