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OutlookFolders for Outlook permits at the same time the common access to all data in Outlook, without employment of a complex Network server. Whether tax counsels or insurance offices, our customers are smaller, middle as well as large enterprises which set on economical and fast IT solutions which can be administered easily. Simply install OutlookFolders central on any network PC and make this PC thereby into a server, then from 2 up to 75 users (*1) can access MS Outlook at the same time. Whether it concerns contacts, dates, tasks or the post office entrance and/or exit. A central enterprise wide access to an Outlook structure is possible, optionally write and reader rights can be assigned. All employees can use the same contacts. Each employee can for example see who has an appointment at what time or who is busy with which task. On this central Outlook, you have exactly the same access as on your personal Outlook file. All built-in functions in the public file remain. An already existing network does not have to be changed. That means, you can realize your network also with different MS Outlook or MS operating system versions. OutlookFolders is not a synchronisation program and not load thus the network, it is like the MS Exchange Server a so mentioned its own Store Provider. The functionality of OutlookFolders extends a QSynchronization program for Notebook`s and Home PC`s as well as an integrated QMailserver for the internal and external email dispatch. Until now worldwide already more than 15,000 Outlook users in over 7,500 enterprises are working with OutlookFolders for Outlook. (*1) With larger installations the Microsoft Exchange Server is still the best solution. email shareware listed in email section.

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QSynchronization syn...


QSynchronization synchronizes the MS Outlook data of your notebook`s and/or Home PC`s with the central MS Outlook data. Communicate at each time at each place. QSynchronization for Laptops`s and Home PC`s extends the functionality of our product OutlookFolders for Outlook and is available also as individual product. The job of QSynchronization is to replicate objects between two folders in Outlook. High lights: Synchronize folders on a notebook with a desktop PC Synchronize your private calendar with a public calendar. Copy private calendar entries as "private appointment" or do not copy them Backup your data to another PST file. Automatic synchronization on startup or shutdown of Outlook, can be configured for each folder separately Deletes objects which are deleted on the other folder optionally only if they can be found in the litter bin Supports English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Shows up automatically in the system language or in English if no match is found. QSynchronization license is shareware and it is listed in e-mail, synchronize, ms outlook software.

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QNewsLetter is a program for the production of series Emails with MS Outlook and makes it easy to send personalized Emails. It can be used to inform your customers about new product releases, events and so on. To write a new serial letter, simply switch to the serial letters folder within Outlook and select action/new Newsletter. Mail merge inside Outlook: Using QNewsletter, the Email merge takes place inside Outlook, either using WinWord or without WinWord as Email editor. Just like usual mails, attachments and pictures can be included in your Email as well as placeholders. The serial mail is afterwards store in an Outlook folder and can be sent again to different recipeints. QNewsLetter license is shareware and it is listed in e-mail, ms outlook, newsletter software.

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