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So you've bought a new Palm, and you're wondering just how much faster it is than the last one you had? Give Benchmark 3.0 a try. It'll accurately show the speed of any Palm device. It's small, free, and written entirely on-board a Palm handheld using the Quartus Forth on-board compiler! Benchmark is a utilities software.

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Quartus Forth

Developers unite! Freedom from desk-bound development! Quartus Forth goes wherever you go, and lets you write fast and efficient apps right on your Palm. Quartus Forth is a full compiler that fits in your pocket. Write real, natice-code, stand-alone apps right on your Palm OS device using the Forth programming language. Fast compilation, a language that fits perfectly on the Palm screen, and no run-time modules required. Access ROM routines, system events, and user interface elements including graphics, sound, pen input, encryption, and more! Includes an inline 68328 symbolic assembler and disassembler. Quartus Forth is a software.

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