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Ride 'em cowboy! This ...

Wild West

Ride 'em cowboy! This slideshow screensaver features vivid color photographs of the west, including cowboys, rodeos, horses and more. You'll feel like shouting "Yee-Haw!" after viewing this screensaver. The full version includes 24 fantastic images, plus the ability to choose between multiple transition effects between images. Also, choose which images are displayed (or not displayed) with a unique thumbnail view. And, best of all, no more advertisements! The full version is only $9.95. Wild West is a screen savers software.

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This amazingly realist...

Winter Wonderlands

This amazingly realistic screen saver displays beautiful, captivating winter scenery in the midst of a snow storm. The snow falls in a very natural, realistic fashion in accordance with user-specified options to control wind gusts and how heavily the snow falls. As the snow continues to fall it builds up on the ground, trees, and buildings, slowly piling up in real-time. The full registered version comes with one scene built-in, with the option to add additional scenes which be downloaded from our web site and added for free at any time. The shareware version comes with one scene as well, but you cannot add the free additional scenes. Winter Wonderlands is a shareware categorized under screensavers tools.

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Living Coral beautiful...

Living Coral

Living Coral beautifully displays an animated undersea ecosystem, with beautiful tropical fish, turtles, starfish, urchins, manta rays and even a few divers in the background. Combine that with the most tranquil music you could imagine and you will find yourself transported into an undersea sanctuary. The full version includes two more scenes and a beautiful Desktop Theme with wallpaper, icons, cursors and screens that will transform your desktop into an enchanting underwater world. This is a shareware listed under screensaver category.

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Calm Before The Storm ...

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before The Storm sends soothing jolts of lightning through your system. Watch these photographic backgrounds as they are lit up by the dance of lighting in the skies. The mood is completed with comforting; yet haunting background music. The full version includes two more electrifying scenes, more animations plus no more advertisements. Full version costs $14.95. This screen savers software is listed under animated.

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The makers of Hey, Mac...

Liverdance Parody

The makers of Hey, Macaroni! are now taking on the Celtic culture with the wacky new Liverdance Screen Saver. Watch the squadron of talented Irish livers who magically come to life here. The screen saver opens with a shower of livers which land in a squish and lie about without any inspiration. Suddenly, an anthropomorphic liver wearing a Celtic vest and an air of unmistakable charm appears on the scene. As fast as this charismatic liver snaps his fingers, the inanimate livers suddenly grow eyes and limbs. The soundtrack vibrates with the invigorating magic of Celtic music as the livers perform precision Irish step dancing. Liverdance Parody license is shareware and it is listed in screensavers software.

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This breathtaking slid...

Scenic Waterways

This breathtaking slide show demonstrates the beauty of one of the four elements - water. Enjoy this peaceful screensaver, which shows full color images of roaring rapids, icy streams, autumn rivers stunning waterfalls, babbling brooks and more. The full version includes 17 more beautiful images, plus the ability to turn on and off the sounds and the music, and no more advertisements. Full version is priced at $9.95. Scenic Waterways is a screen savers software.

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Living Beaches turns e...

Living Beaches

Living Beaches turns every day into a summer getaway. Realistic water animation transports you to your own tropical water wonderland. Watch these delightfully animated scenes for all sorts of activity including blue crabs, Wilson's plovers, sea gulls, various boats and windsurfers, dolphins playing in the distance and small airplanes in the sky. Living Beaches also adds the soothing sound of the waves lapping the shore as well as calming music to complete your desktop vacation. The full version includes two more stunning beach scenes, more animations and static images, plus the ability to turn on and off both the sounds and background music. Full version $14.95. Living Beaches is a screen savers software.

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