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This IP Helper softw...

IP Address Helper

This IP Helper software shows you both your internal and external IP addresses, can notify you by email when they change, performs DNS and Whois lookups, and much more! Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use non-static IP Addresses. Because of this, your IP Address can change frequently. Some ISPs change your IP Address every time you connect to the internet, others provide you with the same IP Address for a few days before changing it. Because of this, it can be very difficult to keep track of your current IP address. This becomes even more of a problem if you are running web services from your computer, or are attempting to connect to your computer remotely. Our IP Helper software is the solution! Features: -Displays your Internal Network IP Address for users that are part of a network, or behind a router -Displays your External IP Address, which is the IP Address that the "outside world" sees -IP Address Overlay displays your IP Addresses in the top left corner of the screen, on top of all other windows! -Copy your Internal or External IP Address with one button click! -Convert an IP address to a Domain Name, and vice versa, with one click! -Perform a Whois lookup instantly! -Can be set to run automatically at startup! -Can notify you by email whenever your IP Address changes! -Great for Remote Desktop, FTP, Webservers, PC Anywhere, etc! -Automatically refreshes your IP Address at an interval you specify! -Minimizes to the taskbar and runs silently until you need it! networking, utilities, internet utilities shareware listed in networking, utilities, internet utilities section.

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Watch up to 24 webca...

Webcam Dashboard

Watch up to 24 webcams simultaneously, optionally saving all new pictures! You can even use a webcam as your screensaver! Our webcam watcher is a great utility for viewing online webcams! Add as many cams as you want just by entering the URL of the cam image, then watch and record up to 24 webcams simultaneously! You'll never miss another second of your favorite webcams! -Can store up to 36,000 webcam locations to watch -Adding a new cam is easy, just enter the webcam image URL -Can watch up to 24 webcams simultaneously! -Webcam images are thumbnailed and refreshed automatically, click on the thumbnail to view a full size version. -Can save any new pictures automatically! -Click on a webcam's thumbnail image to see it full size! -Zoom in and out on webcam images! -Use a live webcam as your screensaver! -You set the refresh rate for each webcam! This internet software is listed under webcams.

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This brand new softw...

Email Spider

This brand new software takes Email Spiders/Crawlers to a new level by finding emails based on your targeted search terms and harnessing the power of Google and Yahoo. All you do is enter a few "search strings" that are relevant to your target audience, and click the Start button. The email spider will then find "starting websites" using Google or Yahoo. It will scan each of the starting websites and save any links it finds for scanning later on. It will also extract all email addresses from every page scanned and save them for you. It can be left running indefinitely, and would theoretically capture every email address on the internet if given enough time! Finds thousands of emails per hour! -Defeats "email protection" scripts that attempt to hide email addresses from email spiders! -The only spider software with a built-in search engine that harvests "Starting Pages" from Google and Yahoo to find highly targeted email addresses! -Fully automated email and website harvesting! -Scans up to 10 webpages simultaneously! -Closes non-responsive web connections after 10 seconds and moves on to the next website! -Closes extremely slow connections after 30 seconds and moves on to the next website! -Database integration for easy sorting, exporting, and protecting your data! -Automatically prevents collection of duplicate emails! -In-program exporting of email addresses to three different email list formats! -Automated searching lets you enter multiple search terms and automatically skip to the next search after a specified number of websites have been scanned! -Displays statistics of all pages scanned, websites found, and emails found! -Stop and Resume scanning with the click of a button, you can even resume after shutting down the program! -Auto-Saves all emails, websites, statistics and settings! Never lose data, even if your computer crashes! Email Spider license is shareware and it is listed in advertising, email, promotion, search engine software.

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This source browser ...

Source Code Browser

This source browser software works just like internet explorer, and can even be added to the internet explorer toolbar! It allows you to view the source code of pages, and save images from them, even if the author of the page has tried to disable right-clicking! Works just like internet explorer! -Gets past any form of "right click" protection, no matter what script or programming language the author used! -As you browse, the source code for each page you view is loaded into the "Source Code" section of the program! -As you browse, each image on the page is displayed in the "Images" section, where they can be saved to your computer! -Each image displayed in the Images section is shown with the image name and full URL to the image! -The program can be added to the "Tools" menu in Internet Explorer! -When viewing the source code, all references to images are hyperlinked! -The only software of it's kind! hacking, webpages, web design, webmasters, html, web development shareware listed in hacking, webpages, web design, webmasters, html, web development section.

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Find expired domain ...

Expired Domain Sniffer

Find expired domain names! The Expired Domain Name Software Suite is really lots of programs in one! Many other software sellers have separated these functions into different programs, but our Expired Domain Name Software Suite combines them all into one program! -Domain Name Manager: All domain names found through the program are added to the domain name manager, which sorts domain names by length. -Browse for domain names: A browser just like Internet Explorer, which looks through any page you view for domain names and checks to see if they are expired. -Domain Name Creator: Enter a base word, and the software will create and check the availability of thousands of domain names. -Yahoo and Google Searches: Given a search term, the program will automatically search through yahoo and google looking for expired domain names. -All Two, Three and Four letter domains: The program will check the availability of all two, three and four letter domain names. -Full Word List: A list of millions of potential domain names, which can be checked for availability. -Custom Word Lists: The software includes lots of word lists, from computer terms to business words, to entire dictionaries, which can be checked for availablity, or you can create your own wordlists to scan! Just put one word or domain name on each line of a text file. -Much more! domain names, websites, business shareware listed in domain names, websites, business section.

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Use P2P Share Spy to...

P2P Share Spy

Use P2P Share Spy to scan the internet/world for computers with shared files! Browsing and downloading is done with Windows Explorer, which can handle any file type: MP3, MPG, AVI, DIVX, JPG, Etc! Other file sharing programs only allow you to download files that have been shared specifically for that program, but P2P Share Spy lets you browse and download publicly shared files no matter what program they were shared with! Unlike Kazaa and Morpheus, P2P Share Spy only finds shared files, it does not share your files with anyone else, so you won't have to worry about RIAA knocking on your door with a lawsuit. Note: Does not contain spyware/adware/third party software. This internet software is listed under file sharing, mp3, divx, mpeg, p2p, peer to peer, napster, kazaa, morpheus.

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Block IP Popup Ads! ...

IP Ad Blocker

Block IP Popup Ads! Allow or disallow IP Popup Ads with the click of a button! Over 90% of all new computers are installed with the Windows XP operating system! Windows XP, 2000 and NT all come with software called Windows Messenger. The software allows messages to be displayed in popup windows on the user's desktop. Our software automatically prevents these popup messages from getting through to the user. -Can run automatically at startup -Can automatically disable Windows Popup Messages at startup -Shows your splash screen and a link to your website every time the computer is started. -Minimizes to the taskbar and runs silently. -Taskbar popup menu has program shortcuts, as well as a link to your website. -User can disable or enable Windows Popup Messages with the click of a button. -Send yourself a test Windows Popup Message to ensure that they are really blocked. This is a shareware listed under popups, ads, popup stopper category.

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