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The objective of Aga...

Against Time

The objective of Against Time is to constantly remove same colored balls that slowly clutter the game table. You must act fast to gather bonus points and in the meantime try to remove as many balls as possible at once to maximize points. Trial is limited to 5000 points. Against Time is a shareware categorized under games, entertainment puzzle, word games tools.

Keywords: bonus points maximize game table constantly clutter colored balls objective time payment correct data

Same - Next Generati...

Same - Next Generation

Same - Next Generation is a remake of the famous Same game with many addons such as unlimited undos, taking snapshot, colorful backgrounds and different ball layouts. The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible by removing the same color balls which are adjacent to each other in any direction. The more balls destroyed in one selection, the more points you get. This games software is listed under puzzles.

Keywords: colorful backgrounds next generation objective layouts color balls snapshot addons syndicated news midi events

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