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arsScreenSaver - Colors of the City

Colors of the City (Cores da Cidade) Reproductions of a series of acrylic paintings by Richard W. Bogosian showing scenes of Brasilia, DF, Brazil and surrounding areas. Richard is a fine artist and illustrator born in the Bronx, New York City. His works are in private and institutional collections in the United States and Brazil; they include cityscapes, landscapes, sf, fantasy and historicals. This screen savers software is listed under graphics, home, hobby, miscellaneous.

Keywords: new york city institutional collections cores brazil cidade acrylic paintings reproductions illustrator cityscapes fantasy landscapes colors brasilia df bronx new york fine artist pc tv card socks 4

arsKaleidoscopeSS is...


arsKaleidoscopeSS is a screensaver that randomly generates beautiful kaleidoscopic images; its dazzling, multicolored displays never repeat. This is a shareware listed under graphics, home, hobby, miscellaneous category.

Keywords: kaleidoscopic images randomly tif files remote server

arsButterfliesSS is ...


arsButterfliesSS is a screensaver that randomly generates beautiful images of Lorenz butterflies. The so called "Lorenz Attractor" was first studied by meterologist E.N. Lorenz around 1963. It was derived from a simplified model of convention in the earth's atmosphere. The images generated in this program are expressed as three coupled non-linear differential equations. Fully functional ten-day free trial; only USD4.95 to buy. arsButterfliesSS is a shareware categorized under graphics, home, hobby, miscellaneous tools.

Keywords: linear differential equations earth butterflies meterologist beautiful images non linear atmosphere randomly lorenz attractor scalable solution tuning tools

Calculate and manipu...


Calculate and manipulate magic squares up to n-order = 500. Calculate all types: odd, singly-even (n=4m+2), and doubly-even (n=4m) orders. Rotate the entire matrix, create horizontal and vertical reflections; translate in eight different directions; and exchange pairs of cells, columns or rows. You can save a square in a *.csv (comma delimited) file while you are working on it and reload it to continue your manipulations later. These files can also be imported into spreadsheets, databases and word processors. Completed magic squares of n-order 15 or less can also be saved in a Microsoft Access® database. The database verifies whether or not you have already created and saved that magic square. A 30-day fully functional trial version is available for download. For Portuguese version see saQuadradosMagicos. This is a listed under math, games, education, miscellaneous category.

Keywords: magic square databases csv matrix word processors microsoft access database magic squares cells comma delimited spreadsheets 4m portuguese version pairs reflections ebcdic to ascii reposition

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