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Chapter Master

Chapter Master is designed for audiobook enthusiasts, or those wanting to create 'enhanced podcasts'. Its function is to add chapter stops (with or without optional images) to an AAC (*.m4a or *.m4b) file for use as an audiobook or enhanced podcast on the iPod. I hope I have designed it to be extremely easy to use. You simply open an AAC file and can add and remove chapter stops at any time point within the audio, naming them and optionally associating an image with each. You can, if you choose, listen to the audio, or fast forward through it, and by clicking a button insert a chapter at the current play time. Or you can simply choose to add regular chapter stops at say 15 minute intervals throughout the file. You then just save the file and it is ready for import into iTunes and transfer to your iPod. Once on the iPod you can navigate between bookmarks using forward and back controls. On later model iPods you'll also see a list of the named chapters when you first go into the book/podcast. One important feature (compared to some alternative tools) is that you can load, edit and save an AAC file any number of times. If you have previously put images and bookmarks into the file, you'll see those on reload, and can edit or remove them at will. Note that the program doesn't currently work under Vista 64 bit editions. This is a shareware listed under audio, multimedia multimedia creation tools category.

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The prime purpose of...

Gravitorium Pro

The prime purpose of Gravitorium is to let you play with ideas about gravity and gravitational systems. While it's not intended to be a highly accurate solar system simulator, at low speeds its accuracy is really pretty good. And, best of all, it lets you "play universe maker". Throw in a few extra planets, add a black hole, set a comet plunging towards the Earth! Or create an entirely new solar system from scratch. This education software is listed under education, science, astronomy, physics.

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MarksMan is a tool f...


MarksMan is a tool for iPod users who enjoy listening to audiobooks (I'm very definitely one of them!) One of the common complaints of such users is the fact that the iPod often seems to lose bookmarks in audio books, and there is no easy way to back up old bookmarks, nor a way to create arbitrary bookmarks (for example, at certain chapters, or places in the audio you want to go back to later for review). I wrote MarksMan so that iPod users could take charge of all of this. * list all bookmark-able files currently on the iPod * for each such file, show the current bookmark time if there is one * allow you to change the bookmark time to any time you like * store past bookmarks (saves current marks each time you run it) * save named bookmarks for a particular file (eg "Chapter 1") * print out all bookmark data * creates a 'human readable' file in the iPod Notes folder showing current and saved bookmarks(so you can check bookmark times while away from your computer) * import and export saved bookmarks (eg for named chapter lists) * safely preserve your current bookmark while reviewing earlier parts of the book * even remove the book files from the iPod, or reformat the iPod, knowing that you can still recover your reading point * estimate a bookmark time based on a page number in the printed book, or vice-versa. MarksMan is a shareware categorized under audio, multimedia audio file players tools.

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MarkAble is designed...


MarkAble is designed for podcast or audiobook listeners who own an Apple iPod or iPhone, or who use iTunes to listen to such books. Audiobook files bought from the iTunes Music Store or from Audible.com are 'bookmarking' - that is, the iPod (or iTunes) remembers the point of the book where you were up to, and resumes from there when you start listening again. This, of course, is vital. However, there are many other sources of audiobooks. Such books may be in a variety of different formats such as MP3 files (for example, from podcasts, www.audiobooksforfree.com or www.telltaleweekly.com), or audio CDs or tapes you may have bought. MarkAble makes it easy to merge a large number of tracks or individual files into a few files which will bookmark on your iPod or iPhone Now features the ability to insert chapter stops and images. This is a shareware listed under audio, multimedia rippers, converters category.

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