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Most of us have impo...


Most of us have important passwords that we would never want to forget, or outsiders to know. Just imagine what could happen if anybody gained access to confidential documents of your company. Or if they got hold of the password to your highly private email box. Or if the password to your bank account fell into the hands of hackers. You obviously want to make sure that such a misadventure never happens to you. Crucial passwords need to be stored and managed in a maximally secure way. First, you must realize that your passwords are never really safe if they are stored on a hard disk or some other physical device, or worse, on any scrap of paper. If you can retrieve passwords from your PC, other people might retrieve them too. Now you might decide to store your passwords safely in your head. There is just one big snag to that method. If your passwords are too long or too complex, you might find it difficult to memorize and recall them. If your passwords are too simple, ordinary people might easily guess them right, or hackers crack them within seconds. And there is one last hurdle you have to clear. Even if you can remember long secure passwords, you might very well mistype them when you enter them manually. This is where ImagiPass comes in. ImagiPass is hacker and cracker-proof. How can this be? Simply because ImagiPass will never actually store your passwords at all! You will store foolproof picture mnemonics in your own head! ImagiPass will only recompute the original passwords from the custom combination of pictures that you used to create the passwords in the first place. And to cap it all, ImagiPass will also automatically enter the passwords for you, - typo-free passwords, of course! So with the help of ImagiPass, you will effortlessly create, recall and enter long and secure passwords. You will only have to remember custom combinations of pictures. ImagiPass license is shareware and it is listed in security, privacy password managers software.

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Atlantis is designed...

Atlantis Nova

Atlantis is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding word processing tasks with the greatest of ease. With its small size and memory footprint, Atlantis will easily launch from a floppy for maximum portability if necessary. A whole array of functions give you complete control over the handling and viewing of documents. Wheel mouse fans will be delighted to find support for their mouse advanced functions. The Zoom function will provide instant adequate magnification. A comprehensive innovative dual set of standard toolbar commands (Main & Alternative) provides instant access to most Atlantis commands. In addition to the usual text editing facilities (Column Block selection, Drag & Drop editing), a whole array of formatting commands are available, whole files and pictures can be inserted, allowing you perfect control over the layout and style of your documents. Support for Styles is comprehensive. The 200 Hot Keys will give power users all the instant control they require from the keyboard. Atlantis provides a special facility for storing clipboard items, the Clippy Bank. Correction is always possible. All editing can be undone or redone. Atlantis will create backup files of original versions of your documents. This software is listed under word processing, business, office, editors, home software.

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Are you creating doc...

Atlantis Ocean Mind

Are you creating documents, essays, reports, writing novels, articles, letters, then Atlantis is the friendly uncomplicated word processor you have been looking for. Stop using awkward software with bloated interface. Atlantis will give you all the power and functionality necessary to create documents of professional standard with the greatest of ease. Unlike much of the competition, Atlantis is carefully designed with the end-user in mind. Most commands are only one mouse click or a key press away. With a fully customizable interface and a whole array of very powerful functions, Atlantis gives you total control over the viewing, handling, editing and protection of your documents. Beyond the traditional word processing functions, you are provided with graphic-type tools to format your documents. You will use special brushes to apply format templates, color, and highlighting to your draft documents, just as an artist adds touches of color to a picture! The "As-You-Type" AutoCorrect and Spellchecker of Atlantis will guarantee that all your documents have perfect language. You will use the Atlantis encryption function to protect your documents with unassailable 256-bit-strong keys. Atlantis can also zip your documents and attach them to emails. You will Encrypt - Zip - Send by email, only using Atlantis internal commands. You will save your documents as HTML pages later to be posted on your home site. Multiple users will enjoy having each their own configuration of options to launch Atlantis with. Background sounds are available for most of the Atlantis events. If you wish so, you will type to the sound of an old-time typewriter! This is a shareware listed under word processing, business, office, editors, home software category.

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Atlantis is an innov...

Atlantis Word Processor

Atlantis is an innovative word processor carefully designed with the end-user in mind. Compact, fast-loading, but still powerful and efficient, it will be the perfect companion for a wide range of your word processing tasks, - from simple to most complex. A unique typing assist with learning abilities, the Power Type, will help you compose documents in less time. The Overused Words feature will help writers avoid repetitions and cliches. Both the Safeguard and Backup Files features make sure that you work under extremely safe conditions. Private documents can also be encoded and secured using powerful 256-bit encryption technology. The Atlantis interface is entirely customizable: menus, toolbars, hot keys, colors and sounds can all be adjusted to suit your own requirements. And much-much more for you to discover. Download the creative writer's best friend! Version 1.6.4 of Atlantis Word Processor introduces the "Save as eBook" feature. Now you can convert any document to an eBook with just a few mouse clicks. This utilities software is listed under system utilities text and document editors.

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