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Know who's calling before you pick up the phone; see caller id info plus a tailored name and picture. An automatic answering machine allows distinctive greetings to be played and messages to be recorded. CallClerk can also send e-mail notifications and/or update your blog to let you know that you have received a call; e-mails can contain a zipped copy of the message left on the answering machine. Distinctive rings and a computerized voice announce calls. CallClerk can automatically link to an internet based reverse number look up service. It can also automatically hang-up on unwanted calls. CallClerk has a printable directory and history log. You can also use CallClerk to dial a number from the clipboard, a speed dial list, the directory or history log. CallClerk can optionally operate over a network, share your modem and auto detect if it supports caller id. Note: To get maximum functionality out of CallClerk you need to subscribe to a caller id service from your phone company and have a modem that supports callerid. TAPI modems offer the most functionality, but many of CallClerk functions will work with older non-TAPI modems that support caller id. A broadband internet connection is needed to enable call reporting via e-mail. telephony, business, desktop, telephone, shareware listed in telephony, business, desktop, telephone, section.

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