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SweetMollyGrace is a suite of freeware tools for automating work of rendering and animating molecules. Imports molecules in PDB, MOL XYZ format (Babel) Generates high quality images of molecules using raytracing tools (Povray and Raster3D). Makes 4 kinds of animation (only rotation around axes) using frames generated by Povray, Raster3D, Rasmol and Qmol. Saves animation in AVI, MPEG, GIF, MOV and FLIC. Generates and views 3D files (with texture) in the following formats: VRML (WRL) Autocad (DXF), 3DStudio (3DS) Wavefront (OBJ) Lightwave (LWO) DirectX (X) and RAW. Imports and manages POV and VRML files generated by Accelrys "ViewerLite 5.0" (not included). Makes and views Postscript (PS) images. SweetMollyGrace is a education software.

Keywords: raw imports avi mpeg rasmol autocad dxf babel mov accelrys povray lightwave molecules freeware tools axes animation texture vrml files flic quality images raster3d using frames postscript ps acts gps data

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