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Rosoft Audio Recorder is a program that you use for recording any type of audio source that you connect to your sound cards line-in jack. The program can help you split the recording automatically in different files. It also includes a timer so you can record your favorite radio programs while you are away or a sleep. You can choose different audio format if you like. Rosoft CD Extractor is a program you use to record your Audio CDs into wave of mp3 files. This program to is very easy to use and does the job quickly. You can select from a wide range of mp3 formats. You can record a part of a track, download information from FreeDB the main database for Audio CD information on the net. The program also includes filters such an equalizer, a pitch, a half speed control without pitch shift and a volume control. All these can be turned on and off. Rosoft Audio Converter is a program that encodes and decodes mp3 files with help of the lame encoder plug-in. With help of other plug-in program that works as shell programs you can basically encode and decode any files. Not only audio files you can use the program to set up a list avi files that will be encoded to mpg files. The only thing you'll need is a program that converts avi files to mpg files. This release includes updates of the user interface, added functionality and bug-fixes. This is a adware listed under ripper, encoders category.

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Rosoft Media Player is...

Rosoft Media Player

Rosoft Media Player is a true media player since it plays all file formats that is supported by you ACM CODECs installed on you machine. This program is perfect to create play list for you mp3 and wma files with. You can even edit the mp3 tags easaly with this program Since it uses the ACM CODECs installed on your machine this program can bascally play any media files on your machine as long as you have the right CODEC installed. For information of latest updates see our history page,. This is a adware listed under players category.

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