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Essential Mortgage Secrets E-Book

Would you like to pay off your mortgage early? Did you know that just a simple re-arrangement of your debit mandates dates will affect how much interest you pay every month? The mortgage is one of those necessary evils in life that are with you for a great portion of your life. Most people just accept that they will pay for their house at least twice over in interest charges and that they could be paying the mortgage for a good 25 years. They dutifully pay the repayments month after month and wonder why it takes so long to pay off the mortgage and why the bank is getting richer and they are not. Why should you accept this? Wouldn't you love to pay off the mortgage years sooner and save thousands and thousands of your pretty bank notes and put them back into your pocket rather than the bank's? Discover powerful methods to save thousands of your hard earned cash on your mortgage! Learn about overpayments, lump sum reductions and the dramatic effect they will have on your mortgage. Learn how to pay 0% interest on your mortgage forever! (Yes, it's possible and this book will show you how!) Mortgage Secrets is a powerful 50+ page book that is jam-packed with valuable fascinating information. Inside this amazing book you will discover: -what makes up a mortgage, how it works -interest calculation and charging, how they affect your mortgage -why people find it so hard to pay off -whats good and bad in a mortage - how to shop for a mortgage -which mortgage is right for you -the power of the offset mortgage -how you can MAKE MONEY with CREDIT CARDS -HOW TO PAY 0% INTEREST ON YOUR MORTGAGE! -1 day rule with debit mandates and standing orders -how to survive the first few years when money is tight -over payments, lump sum payments, making 2 weekly payments can save you a ton of cash -and MUCH MUCH MORE. This home/hobby software is listed under home, hobby personal finance.

Keywords: mortgage secrets first few years offset mortgage amazing book lump sum payments necessary evils money is tight interest charges dramatic effect forever yes people find credit cards archive utility personal memory

The award winning Po...

Popup Blaster

The award winning Popup Blaster kills annoying pop-ups and pop-unders during your surfing sessions. Fully customisable, and editable, it allows you to stay completely in control. Speeds up your surfing by closing pop-ups before they can load. Unlike most other killers which offer only one type of filter, Popup Blaster is unique in that it offers FOUR filters including a highly intelligent ?smart? filter than analyses the web source for potential pop-ups and eliminate them. It also has database filtering and aggressive dynamic filtering if you want these options. It also kills pop ups that can appear through MSN/Windows Messenger too! Popup Blaster protects your privacy by displaying browser windows that only you want to see. A unique boss key feature can hide all browsers at the touch of a hotkey! On top of the popup killing power you also get privacy features: remove IE Internet temporary files, the recently viewed web site drop down list, clears the recent documents menu and clears the IE history! And that?s not all, v1.5 also introduces a new homepage protector which warns you when a web site is attempting to change your homepage without your permission! Unbelievable power at an unbelievable price! Kill and remove pop-ups easily! Don?t suffer with frustrating pop-ups any longer, get Popup Blaster and banish them forever! Awarded ?5 Stars? by Brothersoft reviewers. - 4 fully customisable filters including an intelligent smart filter - Simple hotkey override - Blocks MSN/Windows Messenger pop-ups - Homepage protector prevents unauthorised changes - Panic/Bosskey hides browser windows in an instant - Fully editable databases - Privacy cleanup features removes traces of Internet activity - Customisable hot-keys - Internet Explorer 5+, Win98/ME/2000/XP. This internet software is listed under internet ad killers,internet tools.

Keywords: windows messenger clears annoying pop ups web source internet explorer remove pop ups privacy features documents menu msn boss key homepage protector unbelievable power smart filter browser windows brothersoft surfing sessions hotkey frustrating keys internet cleanup features project estimates information address

Instantly hide what'...

B-Calm Privacy

Instantly hide what's on your screen by pressing a secret "panic" hotkey removing them from the task bar and task manager, then restore all windows later when the panic is over! Activate by secret hotkey, or clicking on a systray icon. Optionally password lock the hidden windows so if another person uses your computer, you can be sure they can't view your sensitive screens! Without this application, you would need to close each application by hand, respond to any prompts and then recover the data in each window later. How long would this take? Several seconds! B-Calm will hide your windows almost instantly! Features: Almost instant hiding, removal of windows from task bar/task manager Secret hotkey operation Password protect your hidden windows Windows management - manually hide or reveal windows as you wish Easy to use, easy to configure Possible applications: Boss key - keep private stuff safe from prying eyes Keep task bar tidy - keep cumbersome long running tasks like downloads in the background Stop children viewing unsuitable material Guard commercial secrets Allow other people to use your computer And many more... B-Calm Privacy is a miscellaneous software.

Keywords: running tasks hotkey tidy task manager task bar calm reveal windows management hidden windows commercial secrets boss key password protect prying eyes cumbersome systray icon microsoft database conclusion

This programming lib...

DNS Automation Library

This programming library allows you to easily automate Windows DNS servers with hardly any code. Don't re-invent the wheel or spend hours of frustrating hours trying it code DNS servers yourself. Use this library and get the job done in next to no time! Features: *Both unmanaged ActiveX COM and managed DOTNET libraries provided! *Create, delete, and enumerate primary,secondary and integrated zones *Add, modify and delete resources *Pause / resume zones *Start, stop and re-start servers *Change zone types *Check if zone and resources exists *Modify SOA records *Comprehensive programming manual with examples to get you started quickly. DNS Automation Library is a freeware categorized under development components, libraries tools.

Keywords: resume activex dns servers primary secondary enumerate soa records dotnet pause programming library time features windows dns libraries job server web send and receive sms

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