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2Dto3D RedBlue Conve...

2Dto3D RedBlue Converter

2Dto3D RedBlue Converter is a system for converting usual photos to volumetric (stereo) images, that can be viewed by means of red - blue or red - green glasses (or by means of some other device that allow examining images by left and right eyes separately). The program is intended for fast creation of realistic stereo versions of the images making unnecessary shooting from two close points. In spite of the fact that any photograph is only a flat projection, it nevertheless contains some information about 3D structure of the object. So, the object can be reconstructed. Certainly, the result differs from a traditional stereo image obtained by shooting from two points, but human brains work with less than mathematical accuracy, and can take pleasure of a beautiful illusion. 2Dto3D RedBlue Converter is a graphics software.

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4D AudioPlayer SGLX ...

!4D AudioPlayer SGLX

4D AudioPlayer SGLX is a software using a powerful "Stereo Base Enhancing Effects System" ("4D") to play usual Audio files and CD Tracks. TRY IT and COMPARE THE SOUND WITH ANOTHER PLAYERS! Additional Features of the Program are: 1. Reverberation effects 2. Compatibility with WinAMP PlayList files 3. 20-Channels Equalizer 4. Spectrum analyzer 5. There is no necessity in connection of a sound card and CD-driver by means of cord. The Program works as a traditional Audio player. But using the "Stereo Base Enhancing Effects System" make sound better than another traditional systems. THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 1. PC-compatible computer, like as P3-500MHz or better. 2. Windows 95/98/2000/2k/XP/ INSTALLATION - REMOVAL: For installation use Setup.exe file. For uninstallation use uninstaller in the Program's group or Control Panel. SHAREWARE LIMITATION: Nag Screen. This audio software is listed under mp3, audio players,mp3, audio converters,mp3, audio misc. mp3, audio.

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