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Search Engine Explorer

Search Engine Explorer is a multiple search engine tool that cuts down the time it takes to search and surf the internet. Type in your search request once and Search Engine Explorer will attach to all your active search engines for you and pass on the search request giving you a clearer picture of the internet. Search Engine Explorer allows up to 20 search engines to be running and searched simultaneously and the search engine database comes with 50 of the worlds top search engines already installed. You can also add your own search engines to the search engine database; to view the pre-installed search engines select the search engine list page on our website. Search Engine Explorer also cuts down the amount of time spent searching the internet by storing your search details and the web pages you have visited. This allows you to easily repeat searches and revisit websites and web pages. Search Engine Explorer will store up to 10 million searches and up to 15 million websites or web pages visited. You can also output this historical data to an ASCII file and delete the contents of these databases. Search Engine Explorer is a internet software.

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