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RaVeN Mixer is conve...

RaVeN Mixer

RaVeN Mixer is convenient instrument for control sound on you computer. Mixer features: Raven Mixer allow use hot keys for control sound settings Raven Mixer allow simultaneously see all possible sound settings. Raven Mixer allow get detail information about you sound card, witch installed in your computer You can change program interface using skins Raven Mixer can completely replace standad sound mixer program. RaVeN Mixer is a shareware categorized under audio utilities,audio mixers tools.

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The Password Storage...

Password Storage

The Password Storage is easy-to-use software which can keep your passwords and other information. Just try this software and you'll probably see that use of passwords may be interesting and even fascinating. The major features and capabilities: 1. Two lists are presented for your convenience: the list of headings - where the headings of resources of Internet, URL, the name of programs etc.are stored, and also the list of passwords - where passwords, names etc are stored directly. 2. Capability of keeping your passwords away from unauthorized access. 3. An opportunity to add the description 4. Searching for a required line in both headers list and passwords list. 5. Copying the required line from both lists to the clipboard by one mouse click. 6. Working with your passwords from the system tray as with regular menu. 7. Support of skins (more than 50 various skins). 8. Supporting unlimited number of files containing passwords. 9. Encrypting files. 10. Capability of setting only one password to protect access to the file containing all your passwords and resources. 11. Capability of reducing the program into the system tray for saving place on the screen and not interfering with your main job. 12. Nice and non-distracting interface. 13. Detailed help system. Password Storage is a shareware categorized under system utilities security tools.

Keywords: mouse click password storage job encrypting files internet url convenience headings skins unauthorized access clipboard help system passwords parisian webcam driver

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