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With FONTKAT/WIN v3....

FontKat Font Cataloger

With FONTKAT/WIN v3.0 users of Corel WordPefect 9, 8 & 7 (32-bit Windows editions) are able to produce a printed catalog of all their fonts. (ASP) Users select which fonts to catalog and how they are to be cataloged. Selecting fonts to include in a catalog is as simple as a mouse click. Users have several options available for the text they want FONTKAT to use in sampling fonts. The resulting font sample can be as simple as just the name of the font itself or a custom phrase you provide or the more complex one-font-per-page spec sheets. Users also control the point size of the font samples. The printed catalog shows what the fonts REALLY look like. FONTKAT saves you time when looking for just the right font to use. Registered users receive the much enhanced version of FONTKAT/WIN with registration reminders removed and additional options for the text to be used in sampling each font, an editable phrase list, and a macro set for WP/Win 6.1/6.0a. As a bonus we also include the handy FONTMAP program. FONTMAP gives you a printed keyboard map for those otherwise difficult to use international/symbol/dingbat fonts. FontKat may be ordered online for $ FontKat Font Cataloger license is shareware and it is listed in word processing, wordperfect add-ins software.

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Graphcat Clip Art an...


Graphcat Clip Art and Photograph Cataloger/32-bit v5.2/Windows Builds clip art and digital photo catalogs and albums in Corel WordPerfect 10, 9, 8, 7/Windows. NEW: Version adds support for WordPerfect Office 2002/WordPerfect 10. Upgrade includes paper size selection, extension hiding option. Reads all graphics formats supported by WordPerfect, and sets up images in columns as a printed index. User may select number of columns, image height, page title, DOS file masks, and directory to search. Allows partial catalogs, directory searching, and caption autosizing. Monthly Winner, Business Applications Division for 3rd Party Products in the Corel $3,000,000 World Design Contest. Includes sample Wood Clips WPG images, and retail users receive over a megabyte of additional Wood Clips bonus clip art and bonus layout features, and macro sets for 16-bit WordPerfect. Shareware ($20.) Science Translations is a Corel Solution Partner. Graphcat license is shareware and it is listed in wordperfect, word processing, desktop publishing software.

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The Letterhead Kit-3...

The Letterhead Kit-32

The Letterhead Kit-32 for 32-bit Windows ---------------------------------------------- Forms Manager & Business Correspondence Assistant Customizes and retrieves letterheads, forms, templates, and message graphics in Corel WordPerfect 9, 8, & 7 for 32-bit Windows. The Letterhead Kit customizes letterheads and custom forms on-the-fly, creates label and business card pages, adds scanned signatures, ZIP bar codes, or any of 30 special message graphics for cargo, office, & financial information, including "Confidential" and "Won't you please send us your payment today?" Also available separately for WPWin6x, WPDOS. Shareware $20. Science Translations Software Services--A Corel Solutions Partner. This software is listed under wordperfect add-ins, word processing, desktop publishing.

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FileTiger is a high-...


FileTiger is a high-power dual-window file synchronizer and backup tool. Most file backups consist of two operations: 1) Looking at files, including examining their contents, changing storage details like file names and dates, and exploring directory trees. 2) Moving the files between two folders or directories, including copying, copying only newer or missing files, and creating archives (backups and ZIP files). FileTiger is designed to do these things easily by using a NEAR and FAR concept. All the buttons on the FileTiger screen are mirrored left-to-right. The button set nearest the file, folder, and file boxes is the NEAR set, and always work on the files on that side of the screen. FileTiger is FILE-BASED. Only the Show Folder button works on the contents of the folder list. All the other buttons work on the contents of the file list. If you want to do something to a folder, right-click on the folder and choose from the options in the popup menu, or open the folder and work on the files inside. Remember, FileTiger is ambidextrous. It copies, moves, or performs any other task as easily from right to left as from left to right. The NEAR side is the side you click the button on. The FAR side is the opposite side. New in version 1.2: Copies filenames to the clipboard, with or wilthout their full paths. Read file to clipboard-- can now handle many bitmap graphics formats, in addition to text files. Edit as text--can now send up to 10 files for editing simultaneously. Add Masks-- (Shortcut: F9) now remembers up to ten masks from previous sessions. Added support for CDRW disks with packet software, such as Direct-CD. Tree Copy now displays skipped filenames during a backup. The file masks list now changes color to blue if any mask other than *.* is used. Why a Tiger? It takes a FileTiger to organize a pack rat... FileTiger is from Science Translations Software, now in our tenth anniversary year. FileTiger is a shareware categorized under synchronization utilities tools.

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