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pgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL)

Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL is a powerfull database utility for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases. This development tools shareware pgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL) is categorized under programming sql, business, finance database managers, programming databases, networks, programming debugging, web development site management, web development web design utilities, web development miscellaneous.

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MyISQL (Interactive SQL for MySQL)

Interactive SQL for MySQL is a powerfull database utility for building, executing and processing queries upon MySQL databases.

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Script Styler Suite

This office and business application - media tools for the creation and production of written work, such as tv, film, theatre, and radio : features includes word processing, character building, budgeting, scheduling and planning. This business commercial Script Styler Suite is categorized under business other.

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SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

This internet software is a full-featured traffic management tool for Windows that offers cost-effective bandwidth control and quality of service based on built-in prioritized rules. With this you can specify a bandwidth limit for each user. This internet demo SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is categorized under internet network tools, internet monitoring, utilities network utilities, internet access control.

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MyISQL (Interactive SQL for MySQL) is a database administration solution for managing MySQL(tm) databases. MyISQL (ISQL for MySQL) is a shareware software filed under business, finance database managers, programming sql, database programming, database utilities, programming databases, programming utilities, web authoring web utilities, programming tools and editors, programming debugging utilities.

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MSISQL (ISQL for Microsoft SQL)

MSISQL (Interactive SQL for MSSQL) is a database administration solution for managing Microsoft SQL databases. It allows to build SQL queries using SQL Editor with SQL syntax highlighting and SQL Query History features; build SQL queries using Visual QueryBuilder; automate routine tasks using ISQL for MySQL in command line mode; export resultset in various data formats (HTML, RTF, XML etc.); SQL query errors highlighting.

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This software is a server based Java IDE. It needs installation only on the server. No installation or configuration is required on any client machine. It is comprehensive and includes support for UML design, development to testing and deployment. Development Tools freeware NCStudio ILDE is listed in development source editors tools.

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This development tool edits raw binary files, OLE compound files, logical disks, physical drives, and can inspect, modify, insert, search, or replace binary, ASCII, or UNICODE data. FlexHEX supports editing binary data as typed values in a number of formats. Unlimited Undo/Redo list ensures that there is no risk of losing data. Includes a rich set of search, navigation, and tracking functions and professional-oriented tools. Unlimited free trial.

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