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Explore database content and visualize database structures. Browse and modify content without prior knowledge of the Database Structured Query Language (SQL). Get database alerts. Translate the structure of your database to another database. Export and Import your database content to any other database. dbAnalyst provides a single interface to your enterprise databases. dbAnalyst allows you to lower your costs of ownership and raise your productivity, due to a single, standard database development and administration solution. dbAnalyst provides three tools: The Schema Explorer reverse engineers and graphs existing databases, allows exporting and transferring of database content to tother databases, and allows for cross-database vendor schema translation. It also allows for script-driven rule processing of database alerts and warnings - providing expert insight into your database model. The SQL Console provides a standard console allowing for processing of DML/DDL commands, for analyzing SQL statements, or for exploring database content. The Query Builder allows for browsing and modifying content without prior knowledge of SQL. Current dbAnalyst scripts support includes Oracle8iTM, Microsoft SQL ServerTM, PostgreSQLTM, iAnywhereTM 8.0, and Microsoft AccessTM. Future script development includes support for IBM DB2 UDBTM, InformixTM, MySQLTM, Ingres IITM and Sybase Adaptive Server EnterpriseTM databases. dbAnalyst supports Win9x/ME and WindowsNT/2000/XP. Microsoft MDAC 2.5 and XML 3.0 services are required. This is a shareware listed under database development tools category.

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