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World's most advanced & powerful system security software of its type. In just a few mouse-clicks, even your kid can provide total freedom for your PC, from hackers, trojans, keyloggers, spying programs, all hidden & malicious stealth programs!! Features No matter whatever Stealth Algorithm a program is using, it cannot escape from Advanced AntiSpy Mode!! Searches all the active Trojans, KeyLoggers and Spying programs running on your computer. Even programs not visible in "CTRL+ALT+DEL" list are identified. Seeks and destroys those hidden FTP type trojans(backdoors) transferring your secret data and confidential files without your knowledge. Even those advanced trojans which use random ports to trasfer your private details. Keloggers generally require a secret hotkey to become visible, but our code fools it into revealing itself just by clicking a single button. When spy program is forcefully revealed, you can identify the person who installed the spy program on your PC by checking the configuration(or emailing) options on that program. Helps search and destroy them before the spy can get your passwords, credit card details etc. Includes world's most advanced and feature-rich integrated StartUp Manager. Malicious programs that dont end or which need password or hotkeys to close, can now be forcefully terminated. Now you can make important programslike Anti-Virus totally invisible to other users. Gives detailed information about all the programs running on your computer+ registry: 1.Location 2.FileSize 3.Version 4.Company/person who programmed it. 5.Date of creation 6.Even tells whether the program file is Hidden ! We would have loved to claim that we are better than our competitors (ie. spy program and keylogger programmers). The only reason for not doing this being that 'they' do not even provide PC SystemGaurd a decent challenge worth its salt, it simply cannot be termed a competition, its spy-slaughter in simple words............ security, privacy, antispy, antikeylogger, system utilities, business security, desktop utility, security application. shareware listed in security, privacy, antispy, antikeylogger, system utilities, business security, desktop utility, security application. section.

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