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A versatile application for creating drawing, form, document, hypertext, and form-based database applications. It provides a set of runtime commands for developing form database applications. The system includes multi-language spell check, image and PDF import/export, and scanner support. The runtime program includes a build-in database engine for database management. The package supports double-byte languages, including vertical text entry.

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This tool is a tools collection for network administrators, that combines several network diagnostics and monitoring tools into a single interface. It includes a network sniffer (with filtering), and adapter traffic display as well as some other (basic) network utilities like port scan, ping, network connections and packet statistics. All information is displayed in simple text, that can be easily copied. LANView is licensed as shareware and placed in network, internet network monitoring section.

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This utility monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage as well as many others network parameters like error and collision rates, memory and CPU usages. It provides valuable info for system administrators to optimize the efficiency, layout and setup of WAN and LAN links, routers, servers and other SNMP enabled network components. An OPC server is available in other license options and it provides open connectivity to the industrial world. This utilities shareware XR SNMP Tools is categorized under network, internet network monitoring.

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WebXQ Server

WebXQ is a full featured stand alone Web Server with a multitude of enterprise level features including support for multi-homed machines, the ability to run as a service under 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, secure files and directories, and more. WebXQ Server is licensed as commercial and placed in web server, server management, server administration, server, network tools, communication tools, remote control, remote access section.

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TraceRoute Wizard ActiveX

Trace Route Wizard allows a programmer to trace the route a packet must take to get to any specified address(IP or FQDN). TraceRoute Wizard ActiveX is licensed as shareware and placed in development components, libraries section.

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TelnetXQ Server

TelnetXQ is Telnet Server offering enterprise level features, including: access logging, configurable ports, maximum users, maximum logon attempts, welcome/exit banner, maximum users banner, ability to add/delete users and more. TelnetXQ Server is a commercial software filed under server management, server administration, server, network tools, communication tools, remote control, remote access utilities.

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This internet software NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer uses Cisco NetFlow technology and the sFlow standard to provide incredibly detailed network utilization information for the hosts and applications causing the most traffic. Internet freeware Scrutinizer is listed in network, internet network monitoring tools.

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This software is a program enabling you to monitor incoming and outgoing mail traffic to and from you mail server and clients. It tracks, displays and logs incoming and outgoing SMTP sessions, POP sessions and sent and received e-mails. It can store incoming and outgoing e-mail in a separate directory independent of mail clients. Finally, it keeps a trace of all e-mail related session traffic (at packet level). This shareware is archived under email, anti spam, network, diagnostics, security, tools, system utilities category.

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Lottery software designed to help the worldwide Lotto playing community in every lottery and every day. No application can give the "lucky numbers" to win the jackpot - but some offer you more "well-thought" playing. Lottomaniak.NET is one of them... Lottomaniak.NET is licensed as demo and placed in games, entertainment casino, gambling section.

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This utility 3.0 provides the essential tools necessary to manage the systems on your network without the complexity, expense or bloat you've come to expect from systems management software. Sitekeeper 3.0 gives you Hardware and Software Inventory, Software License Management and Software Deployment in a nimble, easy-to-use package that runs right from the same machine you're currently using to manage your network.

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