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For 3D scenes, logos...

Serif 3DPlus

For 3D scenes, logos, animations, models. Award winning. Unusually good display: built-in DirectX; palette/depth/dither accurate Export Preview; five anti-aliasing levels. Includes fonts, objects, etc. FREE. Registration required. 3d, technical, drawing, illustration, vector freeware listed in 3d, technical, drawing, illustration, vector section.

Keywords: 3d drawing illustration model logo text font animation lighting render effect fog directx anti-alias transparency wmf png avi european geography

Create or modify dra...

Serif DrawPlus

Create or modify drawings and animations. Easy to use. Award winning software. Read, write many formats (photo and animation as well as vector: JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF, PNG, and more). Includes clipart, fonts, wizards. Easy line/curve drawing; full transparency, blend, and fill features, all anti-aliased; animation (onion skinning, backgrounds, overlays, frame management); etc. FREE. Registration required. This graphics software is listed under drawing, illustration, vector.

Keywords: drawing illustration vector logo headline clipart color effects transparency fills 3d text jpg export bookmarks

Award winning photo ...

Serif PhotoPlus

Award winning photo editor. Start with photo images, eg digital camera photos or scanned pictures. Fix problems (e.g. red eye) or get creative. Use for web, email, or print. Photoshop plugins, animation, layers, editable text, extensive shaping and masking tools (freehand, smart shapes, font based), slicing and web image maps (automatically generates matching HTML), resize, web image optimization, and much more. FREE. Registration required. photo, image, multimedia, web, digital camera, scanner freeware listed in photo, image, multimedia, web, digital camera, scanner section.

Keywords: photo image edit animation slicing map optimize photoshop paintshop ulead layer resize red eye contrast bulletins

Visual web page crea...

Serif WebPlus

Visual web page creator. Uses wizards, drag 'n drop. Easy to use, eg. wysiwyg editing, templates, comprehensive help, single-click upload. Advanced features, eg code editing, automated download of existing web pages, HTML 4.0 support. Includes fonts, GIFs, scripts, page backgrounds, etc. Award winning. FREE. Registration required. This internet software is listed under graphics, web, html.

Keywords: easy visual wysiwyg template theme html dhtml java javascript script ftp upload gifs flash screen menu

Make fancy documents...

Serif PagePlus

Make fancy documents: Ads, Brochures, Cards, Newsletters, etc. Wizards for many tasks, eg Brochure, TOC, mail merge. Full support for professional printing. Advanced but easy-to-use formatting features. Many awards (see FREE. Registration required. dtp, desktop publishing, multimedia freeware listed in dtp, desktop publishing, multimedia section.

Keywords: dtp desktop publishing page layout format color separation design ad announcement artwork brochure card catalog certificate flyer invitation network computers

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