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AdeptTracker Professional

AdeptTracker is a project planning tool with Gantt chart editor. As an alternative to MS Project, it can Manage, organize, and track up to 10,000 project tasks, track Critical Path of each project in multi-project management, including the Critical Path of subproject and milestone, Compare different versions of project plans by using unlimited project baselines and history Gantt Chart, allow unlimited Undo/Redo operations, its powerful Gantt Chart editor can support printing and jpeg export. Its brief AON chart can clearly outline the whole project, can analyze project costs, timeline, and workload with rich project filters and abundant reports. It provide flexible, customizable and easily adjustable WBS coding format. Other features include: Support fixed cost fields in task; Update the completing rate of outline task automatically; Allow users to modify currency format; Support all relationship types (FS, FF, SS, SF);Provide modeless window to handle resources; Bidirectional exchange data between MS-Project and AdeptTracker; Divide your project into distinct phases, so you can track progress easily; Show each worker's workload by using enhanced resource view; Support User-Defined Properties of tasks; Support powerful report and project cost calculation;Support powerful report and project cost calculation;Very small size , and does not copy any DLL file to you system; Set the limit of the time of a task, and display the tasks exceeding dead line. AdeptTracker Professional is a project management software.

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