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Assign daily shifts with drop-down menus.

Easy Shift Scheduler for Excel is developed or distributed by Shift Schedules and is licensed as shareware. Schedule 25 people to daily shifts the easy way with Excel & drop-down menus. The Easy Shift Scheduler saves you headaches and time by allowing you to simply specify your daily shifts and then assign them to up to 25 people using drop-down menus of available shifts. Shifts are removed from the menu as they are assigned and when the menu is empty you are done for the day. Repeat a few times and before you know it you have easily created a 2 week schedule. The program keeps track of shifts for 3 different groups of employees and was created to schedule nurses, but can be used to schedule anyone to daily shifts. Up to 10 vacation periods for each employee can be entered in the vacation table and you are prevented from assigning shifts to employees who are on vacation. Outputs include individual and team schedules, an employee hours summary and a file that you can import into your Outlook Calendar, PDA or Smart Phone so your schedules will always be available for easy reference. The Excel spreadsheets are available in sizes to schedule 25, 50 and 100 employees and can be downloaded from our website and used on a free trial basis for evaluation. Other easy-to-use spreadsheets to schedule your people to daily tasks or daily hours are also available. Spreadsheets for other scheduling applications are available at the website....

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