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RichOrPoor is a software for individuals, families and some small companies to manage and analyze their financial affairs. With over 33 types of reports or charts which can be customized, you will exactly know your assets and liabilities, income and expenses, and also control your budgets and investments. RichOrPoor can manage most aspects of personal financial affairs including cash, common assets, savings, checking, credit cards, liabilities, creditor's rights, loans, investments, insurance, budgets etc. Using RichOrPoor, you can, firstly, accurately record different financial transactions; secondly, arrange different scheduled transactions; thirdly have a well-thought-out plan to set budgets; fourthly master assets and liabilities situation; fifthly grasp and analyze income and expenses; sixthly track and analyze investments. business, financepersonal finance shareware listed in business, financepersonal finance section.

Keywords: assets and liabilities financial transactions creditor grasp firstly credit cards loans individuals families personal financial affairs set budgets investments desktop window high efficiency

SpamGunner is a powe...


SpamGunner is a powerful Anti-Spam Product for Consumers and Small Businesses. It can check multiple accounts synchronously, kill email viruses quickly, provide a variety of filters, support using wildcards in filters and multi-byte charcacter preview. 1.Checks multiple accounts synchronously. Checking emails in multiple accounts synchronously will largely save your time on processing your emails. 2.Provide a rich kinds of filters. Such as message text filter, subject filter, sender filter, header filter, country code filter. You can update the filter library online, add filters defined by yourself or email address of your friends as you will. 3.Support wildcard in filter. The unique feature of the software. For example, "*" can match zero or several characters, "?" can match one single character. Also include many other wildcards such as "^", "#", "+", "{m-n}". By using wildcards we can set up finer granularity and safer filters. Even those elaborately disguised spams can never escape. 4.Support multi-byte charcacters mails perfectly. Perfectly support multi-byte charcacters (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) mails processing and preview. It is a real international software. 5.Kill email virus quickly. It can kill confirmed email viruses such as "Sobig", "WantJob", "Nimda", "Bigboss" without receiving all email information. 6.Speed up the processing of emails. You can set the mode of retrieving messages as you will. So you can quick view message texts or delete unwanted email with large attachments without wasting your time on downloading them. Plus, you can preview and kill messages even when retrieving other messages. 7.Can send error or complaint messages to the spam sender or related administrators. 8.Strong compatibility. Can decode and process a variety of emails. 9.Also a powerful email checker. Can set flexible email notification based on different type of messages. SpamGunner is a shareware categorized under internet -> anti-spam tools tools.

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