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Guiding Hand

In search of a little guidance? Sometimes we need a little insight into what this life is about. Over the centuries people have used forms of Oracles when they need some sort of guidance in their life. Try our Tarot,I Ching, Runes and Yes/No software program to help you gain a little more understanding and insight into your life. Guiding Hand is a home/hobby software.

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A fast and simple se...


A fast and simple search tool for This program speeds up the process of searching through Amazon's store by providing you with fast access to the browse node within each Amazon store. It takes advantage of Amazon's Web Services to further enhance your shopping experience. Tarantula is a internet software.

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4-in-to-Row it is an...


4-in-to-Row it is an ideal game for when you need a break while in the office or at home and during an intensive session of work on the PC. The objective is to place four of your pieces in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally before your opponent can. There are 3 different levels of difficulty to choose for. An enjoyable diversion from boring work that you might do. 4-in-a-Row is a games software.

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