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Mercurius is a uniqu...


Mercurius is a unique web search tool that helps you to narrow search engine and metasearch searches by listing keywords and phrases extracted from the web sites returned by a search. You can then repeat the search using any listed keywords you think are relevant, enabling you to reduce the number of results and find what you want. For example, a search on "William Shakespeare" returns more than a million results, but by using Mercurius and selecting "Ben Jonson" and "quote" from its list of suggested keywords, the search narrows to just a few hundred results, the first of which give Jonson's famous quote about Shakespeare being "not of an age, but for all time". So Mercurius search assistant can a) guide you to keywords that would give you a better result when you repeat a search, b) reveal connections that you didn't know existed, and c) jog your memory as to what exactly you're searching for. It works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and most of the major search engines and metasearcher sites. search, web shareware listed in search, web section.

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Offsiter is an archi...


Offsiter is an archiving application that compresses files and sends them encrypted to offsite e-mail accounts. Such offsite storage offers far greater security than conventional storage mechanisms such as CD ROM, tapes, and hard drives, all of which are prone to theft or damage. You can use any e-mail account, including the free ones provided by Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google. You can create the compressed archives using Offsiter or any other compression application. However, Offsiter does offer you the rare option of archiving only those files that have changed since the last archive was created. This drastically reduces the size of subsequent archives. When the archive is sent to an e-mail account, it is divided into separate e-mail attachments so that the provider's size limit for e-mails is not breached. Each attachment is encrypted to prevent hackers gaining access to your files by intercepting them during sending or by breaking into your e-mail account. If you need to recover an archive, simply download the original sent attachments to your computer and use Offsiter to decrypt and merge them to recreate the original archive. Offsiter license is shareware and it is listed in backup, compression, archiving, encryption, e-mail software.

Keywords: backup archive archiving storage compression encryption original music

Numero Lingo is the ...

Numero Lingo

Numero Lingo is the fun way to learn to count in a variety of foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Even if you are fluent in all other aspects of a language, you may still find it difficult to understand numbers delivered at speed. Numero Lingo is here to teach you to interpret those rapidly-spoken telephone numbers or till totals. Let Numero Lingo be your numeric language tutor and you will soon have complete fluency. The unregistered version tests you on numbers up to 2 digits long. The registered version increases this to 4 digits. This is a shareware listed under games, languages category.

Keywords: languages language fluent fluency education count learn learning test foreign numbers tutor teach teaching french english spanish portuguese italian german output volume

AutoShare is probabl...


AutoShare is probably the easiest-to-use and cheapest share investment software for the UK stock market. We think you will adore its simplicity, with all the features necessary for you to make money from your investments in stocks and shares, but in a layout that belies the background complexity. Forget about applications that take days to learn to use. You'll understand Autoshare at a glance, and need just a few minutes each day to make your share trading choices. * Tailor-made for the UK: includes all FTSE shares. * Extracts shares that satisfy your data mining criteria; for example, those whose moving averages have recently crossed. * Displays charts and spreadsheets. * Allows you to eliminate penny shares with a single mouse click. * Lists new issues and delisted shares for the London Stock Exchange (LSE). * Maintains a portfolio of shares you hold, and alerts you when a share no longer meets your price analysis criteria. * Updates your share prices at the click of a button (registered version). * Clearly written program help explains all concepts with the novice in mind, but with plenty of detail for the more advanced analyst/investor. * Easy-to-use controls for adjusting your technical analysis options. This business software is listed under finance.

Keywords: shares share investment investments portfolio analyst money share prices prices charts stocks and shares stocks ftse stock market stock exchange lse data mining technical analysis moving averages investor analysis search hundreds

Single Source is a s...

Single Source

Single Source is a solution to a common documentation problem: creating paper, Windows help and HTML documentation from a single document source. It is especially suited to the user documentation for an application. Many tools exist that would appear to do the job, but unlike Single Source they tend to be limited in the automatic creation of the following: - "What’s This?" help, obtained from low-level sections that have a particular heading style. - MAP file, allowing you to link a Help file to the application it documents. - Help Contents file, derived from the Table of Contents in the source document. - Related Topics list for each topic, derived from the primary keywords in the index terms for the topic. When reading a topic in the Help file, you can click a button to display a list of topics that are related to it. - Hypertext links, derived from cross-references (for both Help and HTML). Single Source requires the Microsoft Help Compiler, which you can download from the internet, and Microsoft Word. Single Source is a business software.

Keywords: paper help conversion manuals user guide word convert single source document html documentation application easily converts r2000

An easy-to-use music...

Absolute Pitch

An easy-to-use musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to teach you absolute or perfect pitch, which is the ability to name any note played, without the aid of the reference note required by musicians with only relative pitch. The software works by presenting notes in an atonal, rather than tonal, context to reduce the possibility of using relative pitch. You learn a particular note by listening to a random sequence that includes the note. Whenever the note is played, your aural recognition is reinforced by visual stimuli that serve to connect the sound of the note with its name and position on the piano keyboard. When you are confident that you know the note well enough, you can proceed to take a test. This audio software is listed under music, education.

Keywords: absolute perfect pitch learn music tutor education midi test perfect pitch absolute pitch ear ear training aural musical trainer uses unique method help acquire premises

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