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Folder Icon Changer ...

Folder Icon Changer

Folder Icon Changer is a software that search and replace the standard icon of a folder on any other icon. It has a pretty and friendly interface. ( The interface is the style of WindowsXP. ) It is a powerful software and easy to use. You can change icons of folders quickly and freely just by clicking several buttons. So,using Folder Icon Changer can save you lots of time. The most important is that it can make your folders lively Features: 1.Change folders' icons freely and quickly. 2.Pretty and friendly interface. ( It is the style of WindowsXP ) 3.Search icons in files. 4.Search icons in folders. 5.Easy to use. Folder Icon Changer is a freeware categorized under graphic apps icon tools tools.

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With MP3 Audio CD Bu...

MP3 Audio CD Burner

With MP3 Audio CD Burner you can burn your own custom audio CDs that can be played in any standard home stereo or car stereo or portable CD player. You can burn MP3 and WAV files to Audio CDs with MP3 Audio CD Burner. Besides, you also can burn about 200 music to CD or 1200 music to DVD that can be played with your CD-Rom or MP3 compatible player or portable MP3 players! Just drag and drop the music you want onto the burning list, hit the burn button, and you will have a custom audio CD in a few minutes! Audio CD Burner supports the most popular audio formats: MP3, WAV. There is no need to convert MP3 to WAV yourselft. Your CD is burned directly saving your time. MP3 Audio CD Burner supports majority of IDE CD-RW, DVD+/-RW drives. Build ISO image of data as well as burn .ISO to CD-R/CD-RW is supported too. Easy and friendly interface as well as changeable skins(12 skins available) makes it easy-to-use and personal. Key Features: Burn MP3 and WAV files to Audio CDs directly. Burn standard Audio CDs with can be play in all CD player. Both at home and in the car. Burn about 200 MP3 files to CDs or 1200 MP3 files to DVDs. View and edit ID3v1 of MP3 files. Organize the burning list via drag and drop MP3 and WAV files onto it. 74 minutes CD-RW and 80 minutes CD-R disc are supported. Supports Burn-Proof. Supports use of high write speeds and HSCD-RW(10x-12x). Erase CD-RW, DVD+/-RW disc. Build .ISO image from CD. Burn .ISO image to CD-R/CD-RW. Native Window XP Support. ASPI not required for Windows all version. Record detailed logs of the burning process. Burn your CDs quick and reliably. Easy-to-use and friendly interface. The skin is changeable. (3 skins for Trial Version and 12 for the full version). audio, multimedia cd burners shareware listed in audio, multimedia cd burners section.

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PC Locker Pro V1.2 C...

PC Locker Pro

PC Locker Pro V1.2 Copyright(c) Silver Eagle Software,Inc. All Rights Reserved. Email: Introduction PC Locker Pro is a software that lock and protect your computer when you leave. It has a pretty and friendly interface. ( The interface is the style of WindowsXP. ) It is a powerful software and easy to use. You can lock you computer just by clicking one button in the system tray or using custom hotkey.Then PC Locker Pro will display a lock screen and protected your computer. The windows hotkey and mouse will be disabled. You only need to enter the password to unlock the computer. PC Locker Pro will lock the computer after incorrect shutdown. Features: 1.Lock and protect your computer when you leave. 2.Display a lock screen. ( custom color or custom image ) 3.Lock computer after incorrect shutdown. 4.Record unsuccessful attempts. 5.Pretty and friendly interface. ( It is the style of WindowsXP ) 6.Easy to use. PC Locker Pro license is freeware and it is listed in security, privacy access control software.

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Introduction: 101 MP...

101 MP3 Splitter & Joiner

Introduction: 101 MP3 Splitter & Jointer is a software helps you split up an MP3 file into smaller MP3 files and merge multiple MP3 file to a lager one! 101 MP3 Splitter & Jointer builds MP3 Splitter (MP3 Cutter) and MP3 Jointer in one. You can split, cut, trim a large MP3 file into multiple smaller pieces or joint, merge multiple MP3 files to a larger one. Split and merge MP3 files directly without MP3 re-encoding, it is fast and no sound quality loss. There are two modes which you can use to split your MP3 files - split MP3 file to several equal sections and split selected section out of the MP3 file by giving starting and ending time. You will find it very useful for creating audio CDs from your collection, and you can break up live songs from a recording of a concert Besides, there is a MP3 jointer which allows you to joint multiple MP3 files inclueded. It is convenient when you want to distribute your audio collections as well as share them with others. Key Features: Split a larger MP3 file to two or more smaller mp3 files. It supports splitting by equal sections and selection. Joint multiple MP3 files to one. Split, Joint VBR (Variable Bitrate) / VBRI MP3 files. View and edit MP3 ID3 TAG (ID3v1 and ID3v2) with build-in ID3 TAG editor. Merge and split MP3 files even it is over 1000 minutes or 1GB. Pre-listen / Preview split tracks with build-in MP3 player before performing MP3 splitting. Easy to use ! Works on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 server. 101 MP3 Splitter & Joiner license is shareware and it is listed in audio, multimedia other software.

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Key Feature
1. Suppo...

Amazing Photo Editor

Key Feature 1. Support 27 input formats and 19 output formats. 2. Photo files access. ( New, Open, Save, Save as, Save all, Print, Email image, Scanner, Convert image format, Batch Conversion ) 3. Create and use macros. ( Create, Open, Edit, Save as, Delete ) 4. Multi-select tool. ( Rectangle, Circle, Toggle) 5. Cut, Copy, Paste, Memorize, Erase. 6. Zoom photos. ( Zoom out, Original size, Zoom in, Best fit ) 7. Magnifier with cursor. 8. Unlimited Undo / Redo. 9. 9 kinds of image process. ( Horizontal mirror, Vertical mirror, Insert text, Rotate, Resize, Adjust color, Negative, Gray scale, Intensity ) 10. 10 photo effects (Noise, Balance, Lighten, Sharpen and so on). 11. 27 photo effect filters. 12. Color Transfer. 13. Add Frame to photos (Download pretty frames from out website free - Only for purchase user). 14. 4 photo optimization (Auto Smooth, Gussian Blur and so on). 15. Screen Color Picker. 16. Mixing (Orginal Image, Gradient, Lighten Gradient). 17. Insert Image / Clipboard Image in 4 mode (Copy, Mask copy, Smoothed edge, Tiles). 18. Photo drawing tool (Pen, line, brush, Paint Bucket Too and so on). 19. Change wallpaper. ( Centered, Tiled, Stretched ) 20. Change folder icon. 21. Change the background color of Editing Window. 22. Capture Screen. (Full Screen, Area, Active Window) 23. Select the program skin. ( 3 skins for trial users and 12 skins for purchase users ) 24. Download more skins from our website. 25. All-around technical and sale support. image editing shareware listed in image editing section.

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Cute CD DVD Burner i...

Cute CD DVD Burner

Cute CD DVD Burner is a powerful and easy-to-use dvd utility for audio and data CD and DVD burning as well as cloning. 1.By Cute CD DVD Burner, you can create and burn audio and data CDs and DVDs with all files of any format (Include MP3,MPEG and so on), Making bootable DVDs and CDs, building and burning ISO image file in high speed. Creating multisession discs, importing previous sessions, testwrite,backup,Long filename support, built-in ASPI layer, erasing rewritable discs, preventing bad burns and CD creation errors (BURN-Proof, Just Link, and OPC technologies) are all included in the Cute CD DVD Burner. It's a powerful yet small CD DVD burner that uses few resources. CD-R(W),DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W) are supported. 2. Cute CD DVD Burner is also an amazing CD DVD cloner. If you have a DVD-Rom and a DVD RW driver, you can copy a new disc from the source disc(So do CD-Rom and CD RW). In another hand, cloning CD DVD is still available even if you have ONLY ONE DVD RW driver (CD RW driver). The program has One Drive Copy function that helps people who do not have two disc drivers to copy discs. 3. Backup Schedule is a very userful function that backups files and folders your selected beforehand.It will carry out the backup task periodically (Day(s),Week(s),Month(s), any one you like) 4. Easy and friendly interface as well as changeable skins(12 skins available) makes it easy-to-use and personal. Cute CD DVD Burner is a shareware categorized under audio, multimedia cd burners tools.

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